New Roots "Growing" Around the Majestic Tree of Life

Construction walls have finally been removed from around the central hub area of Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park to reveal the addition of new roots. Within those roots, guests will see carvings of new animals that make up the circle of life, from tiny bugs to large bisons, crocodiles, and more. In addition to offering an even more wonderful view of The Tree of Life, the expanded roots also offer a widened pathway for Guests walking around Discovery Island.

Here you are photos of these great roots as seen on the Disney Parks Blog. They definitely look great:

When night falls...

This is just the beginning, of course. Much more work is going on around Discovery Island at the moment, as many of the area's shops and dining locations get expanded or completely refurbished.

We plan on going back to Disney's Animal Kingdom in the next few days, so be sure to check back here on Orlando Theme Park News for an extensive construction update. See you again real soon!

PHOTOS: ©2015 Disney. All Rights Reserved.


  1. There are a couple of mythic creatures on the tree... are there any Avatar creatures on the roots?

  2. Just an FYI, thats a komona dragon and a bison, not a buffalo.

  3. komodo dragon, lol, sorry

  4. Good catch, Anonymous! We apologize for the error, as we didn't really focus on that particular photo (even though it is quite stunning in our opinion!). For that reason, we came to the wrong conclusion.

    Thanks again for reporting that error!

  5. no problem, lol. any news on the pics or the wilderness lodge pool area?

  6. The pool area is back open. We will have to stop by the area in the next few days.


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