Hello everyone, and welcome to this new Universal Studios Florida update!
Today we will take a look around all of the park's themed areas to see what work is currently being done. While there is definitely not a lot going on at the moment, you can expect this to be a major year for the park, as it will celebrate 25 years of operation this summer. So, gather your belongings, and follow us in this virtual tour. We hope you will enjoy the photos:

The park felt quite crowded despite the fact that this should be one of the slowest times of the year:

Morning entertainment:

A cloudy sky:

Rumors still point to an imminent closure of Twister:

It is still unclear whether this will happen before summer or the end of the year:

Let's take a quick look around:

The theming is great, but it definitely feels like we are stuck in the 90s:

The rest of New York:

Work is being done on the different facades of Louie's Italian Restaurant:

Disaster! is still a great (but unreliable) attraction:

The London waterfront:

The "tiny" World Expo themed area of the park:

Doc Brown was meeting Guests near the Kid Zone entrance:

The E.T. Adventure is rumored to be receiving a brand-new entrance, which should be more visible to Guests. The location for the new entrance is rumored to be the former Garden of Allah Villas area:

Oh, and yes... E.T. now mentions the right names as Guests pass by him:

Work continues around the Garden of Allah Villas, as concrete continues to be removed:

That should wrap things up:

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer. ©2015 Disney. All Rights Reserved.


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