As most people reading this article should know, one of the most photographed buildings in the world is - unsurprisingly - Cinderella Castle, the awe-inspiring icon of the Magic Kingdom Park. This magnificent castle becomes even more beautiful at night, thanks to the colored lights installed all around the moat. Throughout the year, different color schemes can be seen, based on the season or special event. Today, we are asking you to choose your favorite.

On some occasions, the castle might appear a bit shy during the day...

...but it really shines during the evening hours. Let's begin:

PURPLE is used year-round:


RED is used mostly during Fall:





It's now time for you to choose your favorite color scheme. Make sure to post your vote in the comments (you can even do so anonymously). It only takes a few seconds, we promise!

PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official OTPN Team Member and Photographer/© 2015 Disney. 

7 Comment(s):

Jordan said...

I love the light blue!

Thanks, Jordan!
Our favorite has to be the purple/blue. Classic all the way.

Anonymous said...

Classic purple

Anonymous said...

Like the light blue also, but Blue Icy takes the win!

I really like it best when the projector show is on the castle. But as you want me to pick a colour I say light blue suits the castle best.

Scott said...

I love the classic purple, makes the castle look so vibrant.

Anonymous said...

Light blue and violet

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