OFFICIAL: Gwazi Closing For Good February 1, 2015

February 1, 2015 will be the last day for thrill seekers to ride Gwazi at Busch Gardens Tampa as the park prepares to permanently close the wooden coaster after operating for about 15 years (it opened back in 1999).
“No decisions have been made about what lies ahead for Gwazi or for the future plans of that area of Busch Gardens,” said Park President Jim Dean. “But, we are always looking for ways to enhance guests’ experiences...”


  1. I really loved that coaster. Got a chance to ride it one last time last week and..Ouch! Back in the day, it was a great ride...but, now I understand why they are closing it. It was such a rough ride. I'm sure the upkeep was very hard to do, considering the weather conditions here. Qwazi (back in the day) will be missed!

  2. I wonder what's going to replace Gwazi. Probably new exhibits for bongos, colobus monkeys, okapis, red river hogs, mandrills, yellow-backed duikers...?


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