The past few week have been crazy. Queue areas around Central Florida's theme parks were filled to capacity, and wall-to-wall Guests walked around pathways that would ultimately lead them to incredibly crowded areas. As you will see with the pictures that have been included in this new photo-update, Disney's Hollywood Studios was definitely not immune to this, despite the fact that the park has very little to offer at the moment. Take a look:

The temporary stage:

Sunset Blvd.:

Was it busy? You be the judge:

Back to the park's hub:

The line for The Great Movie Ride was incredibly long:

Animation Courtyard:

Mickey Avenue:

No more Jack Sparrow means less capacity for the park:

One of the busiest themed areas of the park:

This was just the beginning:

Another attraction that was recently closed:

Getting ready to make even more money:

Busy Streets of America:

The mammoth-sized standby queue for the Frozen sing-along:

The Muppets area:

The line for Star Tours:

Echo Lake:

The out-of-place hat will soon be just a distant memory:

The Comedy Warehouse Special:

Time to leave the park (that was enough for one day):

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.

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