Hollywood Studios Update: The Busiest Time of the Year

The past few week have been crazy. Queue areas around Central Florida's theme parks were filled to capacity, and wall-to-wall Guests walked around pathways that would ultimately lead them to incredibly crowded areas. As you will see with the pictures that have been included in this new photo-update, Disney's Hollywood Studios was definitely not immune to this, despite the fact that the park has very little to offer at the moment. Take a look:

The temporary stage:

Sunset Blvd.:

Was it busy? You be the judge:

Back to the park's hub:

The line for The Great Movie Ride was incredibly long:

Animation Courtyard:

Mickey Avenue:

No more Jack Sparrow means less capacity for the park:

One of the busiest themed areas of the park:

This was just the beginning:

Another attraction that was recently closed:

Getting ready to make even more money:

Busy Streets of America:

The mammoth-sized standby queue for the Frozen sing-along:

The Muppets area:

The line for Star Tours:

Echo Lake:

The out-of-place hat will soon be just a distant memory:

The Comedy Warehouse Special:

Time to leave the park (that was enough for one day):

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.


  1. When there are very few attractions to begin with AND they close a few, the lines for everything else become unmanageable. And if the rumors are true and they close Indy AND LMA while they prepare a DCA style overhaul, they are going to have to add a LOT of entertainment or deal with very unhappy guests.

  2. The biggest issue with the WDW resort is the amount of time it takes them to do anything. Why in the world would they close two attractions before the busiest time of the year without having anything else to start working on RIGHT AWAY. At the snail pace they have been going at lately, it's going to be 5-6 years before something is opened that takes the place of these attractions.

    It's starting to become a really bad show when work walls are up all over the place. The lack of speed in the "refresh" of MK hub is insane. I can't believe Universal could destroy a building and totally rebuild a new, high tech, E-ticket style ride in less time than it is taking Disney to rebuild a bridge and update some landscaping and light posts.

    At this point I think it's because Disney knows people will come no mater what. AK already has a ton of walls up, MK is loaded with walls, and soon HS will be covered in walls as well and people will still show up. Even if the walls are up 4-5 years from now, they will still show up. They don't see the need to invest more money on a project to get it open sooner because the money will still be pouring in. It's a real shame that Disney has let this happen because they are starting to becoming the "joke" of the industry in terms of construction. I don't think they will ever be able to live down Avatar no mater how good it is.

  3. just 3 more days before the closure of the ugly hat! yay

  4. DHS Park attendance on New Years eve was just over 48,000. FYI

  5. I think Disney now have got to many parks and if the rumours are true there could be a 5th park built. I can't understand why they closed the sound studio,pop idol,back stage tour and Jack Sparrow attractions without any plans in place to replace them with. Like the only work going on at the moment is the 3rd track for Toy story mania. Hopefully by the time I go in sept 2016. Disney Springs will be finished and most of the work at the Animal Kingdom.

  6. I know that the hat is quite unpopular, but I think it's cool! I do think the placement was totally off though.

  7. So many people, so little to do.

  8. The fact that they had so many people through the gates on NYE just proves that Disney are just reliant on the brand these days as opposed to providing a quality experience. The sad fact is that it works! If this was any other park outside of Disney, I'm sure it would put people off of visiting.

    If visitor numbers began significantly dropping, this would make Disney pull their finger out and do something about it. It really frustrates me that something has been in the pipeline for so many years now and still nothing.... How long will they leave these rides closed before they start building something??? I can't see anything being open for at least another 10 years at the rate they are going.

    I loved WDW, but they seriously don't deserve the success they currently receive!


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