A Look Back at Magic Kingdom's Crowds in December

The holiday officially ended, and the parks in the Central Florida area definitely feel far less crowded now (that is a big relief for many of us, isn't it?). That said, it is always exciting to see so many people walking up and down the walkways around the themed areas of the parks.To help you visualize just how bad it gets, we would like to share with you some photos taken around Magic Kingdom Park during multiple days this past month. Enjoy the photos:

Let's start with some daytime photos of Main Street U.S.A.:




Peter Pan's Flight:

"it's a small world":

Extended seating area:

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train:


Some nighttime photos:

As you can see, it might not be a good idea to visit the parks during the busiest times of the year, but we do understand that some people only have those times available to do so. If you are among them, be sure to carefully plan your trip to avoid being overwhelmed by the crowds and outrageous wait times... Thank you for your support, and see you again real soon.

PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.


  1. Since there is a large jump in attendance between the start and the end of the month, could you date the photos? I'd like to visually see if the traditionally "low" attendance days are no longer.

  2. Does anyone know how the attendance is generally affected(all 4 parks) at the end of January? I might be going on the weekend of 1/31

  3. The end of January, you'll be fine. The weekends are always a bit busier, but it's a good time to visit as the crowds aren't bad at all. The parks won't start getting "busy" again until Spring Break.

  4. We were there Dec 22, the crowds were very manageable, nothing like what the pictures are showing

  5. The busiest time in December, in fact the entire year, is the Saturday before Christmas through the Sunday after New Years. Any other time in December is pretty quiet (weekends are busier). Early December is a great time to visit because you get to see the holiday decorations and shows without the crowds.

  6. For some reason, this year the parks did not experience a slow down during the first 2 weeks of December. I saw many large groups (with those tour flags) in the parks which made for some very long lines. I think the parks saw some record attendance numbers for the entire month of December!!

  7. We were there on the 30th December and it was insane, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train was up to 150min wait time at one point! Cast members did their best to control the park with their cries of "keep to your right!", but it was still mayhem, especially at night. Went again about a week later and it was far less of a crowd.

  8. Some of these pictures seem to show crowds from parades. Those don't represent what you would be expecting while walking around the park.

  9. I was at the World the week between Christmas and New Year. By getting up at the butt crack of dawn, and following a good touring plan, I was able to see pretty much everything I wanted to see. I was in each of the parks from open to close and had a fantastic time. Fastpass+ really worked well for me.

  10. I was there from December 3rd through the 9th. Having been at this same time of the year several times before, I've never seen crowds like I saw that week. I think because they were offering free meal plans earlier in the year for that time period really packed the parks.
    But, using the new fast pass we were able to get on everything we wanted several times.


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