"Test the Limits Lab" in Innoventions Closing in January

After reaching the end of the sponsorship agreement between the Walt Disney World Resort and Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., the Test the Limits Lab exhibit will close in Innoventions East (located at Epcot) on January 6, 2014. No replacement has been announced yet. Guests visiting the park will be able to continue enjoying a variety of exhibits throughout Innoventions East, including Take a Nanooze Break, The Sum of all Thrills, Stormstruck, and Habit Heroes.


  1. Is Innoventions West and East big enough to have 2 new attractions

  2. I think they should build on the success of experiences like Sum of All Thrills and do an almost mini-Disney Quest as the new Innoventions Expo - a virtual Exhibition of technology, science, gaming, and rides. Make it more virtual experiences that can be easily updated and changed to match consumer tastes versus heavy scenery and props needed to traditional rides. I mean, with this closing as well at the IBM, not to mention all the rest of the dead space....they have the room to do it.....


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