LEGOLAND Florida Hotel Video-Update (December 2014)

Work continues to take place day and night around the site of the new LEGOLAND Florida Hotel. Will the main structure is mostly complete, a lot more needs to be done inside, as the rooms and common areas don't even have walls yet. A few days ago, LEGOLAND posted a new, official video showing us the interior areas of the hotel, even giving us a glimpse of how the rooms and public spaces will look like when the hotel will open next summer.

Here you are the video, which was published only a couple of weeks ago (posted on December 4, 2014):

We personally plan on going back to LEGOLAND Florida in the next few days to check out the progress that has been done in regards to this project. We also plan on checking out the park itself to see if there is anything new to report since our last visit. As always, stay tuned!