I-Drive 360 Update: A Look Around the Courtyard

Just a few days ago, we shared with some photos showing the current look of the Orlando Eye, which is almost completely assembled. Today, we will focus on the rest of the I-Drive 360 area, which will offer much more than just the Orlando Eye, as it will include at least two museums, an aquarium, multiple restaurants and shops, and more offerings that have not been publicly announced yet. Come along with us as we take a look around the entire area:

A look at the area from above:

More work was being done on the fountain:


Back to the ground:

Some of the locations have already opened (three restaurants):

Here is a look at other buildings, which are currently vacant:

An interactive sign:

A closer look at the fountain:

The landscaping of the area is very appealing:

More buildings:

That is all for now. Remember to also check out our Orlando Eye photos if you haven't done so yet!


  1. Glad they're not skimping on landscaping, but why are they on restaurants?? Carabbas and Outback? Seriously? What is it, 2004? Where is Roy's or at least Bonefish Grill?

  2. Welcome to Orlando! The official home to "the same crap you'll find in your own neighborhood and exactly 3 blocks that-a-way.....

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