Major Flame Tree Barbecue Refurbishment Starts Jan. 5

As a part of the largest expansion in Disney’s Animal Kingdom history, the park will continue to add all-new entertainment options, food offerings, and attractions as well as enhancing current experiences to delight all Guests spending their time at the location. Beginning January 5, 2015, construction will start to improve Guest comfort at Flame Tree Barbecue (located inside Discovery Island), which will result in an approximate three month closure. 

During this major refurbishment, which is anticipated to last until early April 2015, Guest comfort will be enhanced at the location by adding additional covered seating areas, covering choice Guest walkways to some pavilion seating areas, and extending the roof over the main building (where Guests place their order and pick up their food) to offer additional cover for Guests waiting in line.

Since the food offerings at Flame Tree Barbecue are favorites among Guests, a selection of them will be featured at existing kiosks throughout the park during the downtime. Additional information about the location of these items will be shared closer to January 5. 


  1. The Flame Tree BBQ is one of my favourite counter service eateries in the Parks. Be good to see it when the refurb's finished.

  2. It's so beautiful! And the food isn't bad either.


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