The Universal Orlando Resort is a continuously evolving experience, with something new always around the corner. If you have been following Orlando Theme Park News for some time, you will remember that one of our very reliable source have confirmed to us that Twister (an attraction located in the New York City backlot area of Universal Studios Florida) will soon close for good. Our source just gave us three different possibilities for a replacement.

Before we start discussing this particular matter, we would like to point out that all the information that you will read has to be classified under "RUMORS." Anything not yet officially confirmed by the Universal Orlando Resort may or may not happen, as plans change continuously (and, sometimes, rumors may be wrong. We are all humans, after all).

Our very reliable source told us that one of these three concepts will be used for the replacement of Twister (be sure to note that only one will be realized). We have listed them from the most likely to option to the least likely. You will be surprised by some of these options (especially the last one):

1) A "Tonight show with Jimmy Fallon experience."
This is definitely the most likely option, as multiple other sources have mentioned it, even on other sites. This would be an interactive show that would be very similar to the actual show starring Jimmy Fallon, even though it would likely not involve a real, working studio (it would just be an attraction). As popular as Jimmy Fallon might be, we wonder how long such an attraction could last.

2) A second Despicable Me-themed ride.
Our source indicated that this could be under consideration, stating that "Universal put out the trailer for a new minion movie. So my guess is for a minion ride, set to the new movie. The timeline works perfectly as the movie is expected July next year." It was also mentioned that the general theme could be Super Silly Fun Land, like the area present at Universal Studios Hollywood, without the carnival ride, of course (Universal Studios Florida already has a version of the spinner in Springfield).

While this could make sense, thanks to the vicinity of the "Despicable Me - Minion Mayhem" ride, we find this hard to believe. Personally, we think that it would be best to maintain all rides and attractions of the same theme very close to each other, to create mini-lands. This means that it would sound much more credible it this were the replacement for Shrek 4-D, the tired show located next to Minion Mayhem. Also, how would a Super Silly Fun Land theme work with the nearby New York City sets? At least, Twister somewhat worked with the theme of the rest of the land.

3) A new SpongeBob ride or themed experience.
This is definitely the hardest to believe. There is no way a SpongeBob attraction could fit thematically in that location, even though there are other areas that could use a similar concept. In fact, remember that the nearby KidZone is also rumored to be completely replaced in the next few years, and that could be a good new addition.

Keep in mind that the two projects that will NOT replace the attraction may, in fact, show up in other themed lands in the future. That being said, we really think that the Jimmy Fallon experience will indeed be the replacement for Twister. Our source indicated that Universal is aiming to open the new ride/experience/show (or whatever it will be!) late 2015 or, at the latest, early 2016. What are your thoughts? 

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