"Green is Universal!" That is the motto of the Universal Orlando Resort, which continuously tries to keep nature always in mind while building new attractions, shows, buildings, and... yes, even walkways and bridges. In fact, just a few days ago, a new "green bridge" opened to Guests walking between Universal's Cabana Bay Beach Resort and the parks. We were able to take a look around this new (and amazing!) walkway at dusk. Come and join us:

New pedestrian crossing leading to the new bridge:

From the parking lot of Cabana Bay, this new structure appears to be partially hidden by trees:

A gate separates the parking lot from the bridge. As expected, the gate is left open to all Guests during the day, but after a certain hour (usually 10 p.m.) it is only accessible using the hotel keys:

The Cabana Bay side has a ramp and stairs. The ramp looks (and feels!) endless:

Taking the stairs is much quicker, but the ramp is a must, as some Guests may be using wheelchairs:

The view from the top of the stairs:

The bridge itself is gorgeous. It feels like walking in a garden:

This feeling will become even more obvious after the foliage will be fully grown:

There are plenty of trees on the bridge:

The ramp going down:

This walkways eventually joins the Royal Pacific Resort walkway:

New palm trees:

Let's now go back up, as if we were returning to Cabana Bay from the parks:

A bench to relax:

Lights on:

Since we are in the area, check out the current status of the Sapphire Falls Resort project:

Still just dirt being moved around:

Plenty more plants will soon be planted around the area:

And that is all for now. As usual, we would like to thank you for following us. See you again soon!

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