Shout for joy, ladies and gentlemen! it looks like the Walt Disney World Resort will be making thousands of Guests and theme park fans very happy early next year as they get ready to remove the Sorcerer Mickey Hat, which has been hiding the beautiful Chinese Theater for almost 15 years at Disney's Hollywood Studios. In fact, News 13 reported earlier today that some sources confirmed that the view down Hollywood Boulevard will be restored early next year.

While rumors about the removal of the huge Sorcerer's Hat have been floating around for years (even we were given some tidbits about this matter about a year ago, which turned out to be slightly incorrect, but true), this is the first time that we hear of reports of Cast Members saying that an internal announcement was made, which included the news of the removal of the hat.

In addition to this, it seems like the entire hub of the park will be reimagined, starting from January 2015 (the project will include the removal of the hat). Will this include a permanent stage that is able to rise from the ground? This would solve the problem of having to assemble and then disassemble the temporary stage every single time there is a special event at the park. Also, it could be hidden during the day and only raised into place during the afternoon/evening hours. Of course, this is only speculation for now. We will have to wait a little more for official confirmations.

The Earful Tower will finally return as the official icon for the park, but this is just the beginning of a major, multi-year expansion project that will completely change the look of the park, and will introduce amazing new attractions, rides, shows, and experiences. Excited yet? We are.

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