The Orlando location of Fun Spot America will receive a new attraction in the next few months. While the nature of this new addition is still a mystery at this time (no details have yet been given at this time), the official Facebook page of the park mentioned the following: "something COOL [is] coming to [Fun Spot America] next month. Can anyone guess what can possibly go in this HUGE spot?" The post included some photos of the cleared land:

If you are familiar with the park, you will notice that the location chosen for this project was previously reserved for the new Fun Spot Water Park, which was supposed to be part of the second phase of Fun Spot America's major expansion. Here is a current map of the park to help you visualize the area:

If you liked the Fun Spot Water Park project, you shouldn't be too concerned... yet. In fact, Fun Spot America wrote the following to us (on Twitter) in response to a question we had regarding their water park project: "We have not dropped [the plans] but it will not be in this area."

All in all, it looks like both Fun Spot America parks might soon reach the levels of Six Flags parks, thanks to the major investments and the money they are putting into them. While we ourselves are not big fans of Six Flags-style parks, we definitely agree that they are much more ambitious than any other local amusement park found around the world (including the United States). What do you think? Do you like the direction taken by the Fun Spot parks? Make sure to share your opinions with us!

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