Epcot is not looking very futuristic nowadays. Sadly, Walt Disney World's most advanced and amazing theme park is seemingly being neglected by management, having not received a brand-new attraction since 2005 (The Seas with Nemo & Friends and Test Track could be considered only overlays to existing attractions). That said, there are a few minor improvements and projects taking place around the park. Today we will focus solely on Future World. We hope you will enjoy the tour:

First of all, here's a look at the new Electric Vehicle Charging Station, located in the parking lot:

Entering the park:

The sign of the Camera Center (now sponsored by Nikon) was recently replaced:

We are not really fans of the new gray color of the columns and buildings behind Spaceship Earth:

Flower provide some color, at least:

Let's take a look inside INNOVENTIONS East. Who know what great discoveries we'll make!:

Oh, it looks like nothing changed...

At least, the former Rockin' Robots area now has plenty of chairs and tables:

The rest of Future World East:

Still blah:

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