Free Behind-the-Scenes Tour at Busch Gardens on Aug. 9

To commemorate World Elephant Day (which is officially the 12th), Busch Gardens Tampa will be celebrating on Saturday, August 9th giving Guests an amazing opportunity to go behind-the-scenes at the Pachyderm Palace! Similar to a hotel, the “Pachyderm Palace” is where the park's elephants seek shelter in case of inclement weather or just hang out while their habitat is being cleaned. Each elephant has their own room, their own water source, and even their own personal heater.

Busch Gardens' trainers will guide participants through this unique experience and discuss behavioral training, environmental enrichment, nutritional needs and veterinary care provided to this endangered species. This free opportunity for 160 lucky guests, ages 10 and up, will start at 10 a.m. and registration will be on a first-come, first serve basis the day of the event.

You should meet the park's team members at the front of the park prior to opening on August 9th to get your tickets for the first two tour times. For those interested, each behind-the-scenes tour will last approximately 20 minutes and the Animal Care Center will be the location for guests to register for the remaining tours of the day as well as to check-in for their tour. The Animal Care Center will also host various educational displays, engaging activities, and trainer talks to highlight these wonderful animals.

The SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund's mission is to work with purpose and passion on behalf of wildlife and habitats worldwide, encouraging sustainable solutions through support of species research, animal rescue and rehabilitation, and conservation education. Since 2004, the Fund has supported various elephant preservation projects through habitat protection and conservation education. Learn how you can work towards saving this endangered species and come be a part of the celebration!

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