The Last Day of the Pixar Pals Parade - PHOTOS

Disney's Hollywood Studios doesn't have a parade any longer. As most of you will know, the infamous Pixar Pals Countdown to Fun Parade officially ceased to exist on April 6, 2013, not even a week ago. While the performers were definitely doing their best in trying to keep Guests entertained during the parade, we all know that the Pixar Pals cavalcade was a complete failure. It was so bad that many people even demanded the Block Party Bash Parade back (which used the same exact floats but included some entertaining show-stops). All in all, it is sad to say that it is better to see a parade-less Disney's Hollywood Studios at this point.

That being said, a quite large crowd attended the very last performance of the parade. Here you are a few photos (taken by our photographer Alex on April 6, 2013) showing part of the parade and the last few Guests that saw it:

This was the last performance ever for these parade floats:

This was one of the few good floats of the parade:

The other major float:

After the very last floats (and after the very last performers moved to the backstage of the park), a few of the Guests in the crowd (very probably some Disney fans and Cast Members) cheered, clapped, and waved goodbye:

So long!:

Time to get out...

Now, what did you personally think about the Pixar Pals Countdown to Fun Parade? Did you find it entertaining (at least to a certain degree...) or do you agree with us when we say that the parade was not on par with what we expect to see at a Disney Park? Also, do you expect a replacement to come in the next few months, or do you think we will have to wait until after the rumored Disney's Hollywood Studios makeover is completed? As usual, we encourage you to leave some comments. We love hearing your opinions!
PHOTOS BY: Alex, official Orlando Theme Park News Photographer.


  1. It was not my favorite parade, didn't have the coolest of floats, but DD was 21 months, addicted to all things Pixar, and loved seeing all her friends, not just buzz and woody, jessi.. but everyone from her rainey day, fall asleep too collection of pixar movies...

    I hope something new comes, or we get a pixar land so that these characters do not all disappear.

  2. In my opinion the parade wasn't bad (for universal) but not for disney. I think nothing compares to the Magic Kingdoms. I say wait for a parade until DHS adds more stuff. It would be cool to see a brand new original parade for the park.
    This is what I would like to see:
    -(Opens) A parade float that has the sign of the parade!
    -See Fav 5 Only Old Time Hollywood.
    -Maybe Mickey on a steam boat
    -A newer toy story float
    -Have A KICK A** Indiana Jones Float!
    -Have a cool Tower of Terror Float with those ghost people
    -And Close With An Amazing Star Wars Ending (Couple of Floats)

  3. I agree with you Dean!
    I think DHS should get another parade, parades are nice and break up the day!
    They should totally redo this one,
    1.Have To Put Mickey In There!
    2. Keep The Monster Inc Float
    3. Redo The Toy Story Float
    4.Marry Popins Float
    5.Villian Float
    6. If Carsland Comes Ovi Cars Float
    7.A New And Colorful Finding Nemo Float (Finding Dory Will Help The Popularity)
    8. End With A Float That Has All The Classic Characters From Classic Movies!

  4. I agree that this wasn't Disneys best parade, but it still has a lot of current characters that today's kids identify with. I think my daughter knows the characters from Ratatouille, Incredibiles, A Bug's Life, Monsters Inc, Up, and Toy Story A LOT better than she knows Dumbo, mary poppins, Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, and many of Disneys older characters. I think ditching this parade and all of these great pixar characters is a big mistake. Pixar and their great movies are driving Disney right now, not Peter Pan and Beauty and the Beast and all of the old movies. If anything, they need to incorporate MORE pixar characters, not less.

  5. I think they should call the next one. Disney's Animation Celebration Parade. The Floats would celebrate the different decades and characters from the films that tie into that year..

  6. I like the idea from the last anonymous, that would be an interesting parade.

    However I also agree with all the other comments that think Disney should include more Pixar stuff. Hopefully a new Pixar land will be announced soon, it would be a huge mistake for Disney to not lean heavily on Pixar's popularity - at least in one park, if not more!

  7. While were talking about parades, Animal Kingdom's needs a redo, with all disney animals as there characters!

  8. Definitely needs a finding memo float. Would be sad to lose a parade!

  9. My best parade I ever seen here was 20 years ago and that was Aladdin. I have only seen the night parades at Magic Kingdom.


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