Universal Studios: Simpsons Project Begins (PART 4)

Thank you for reading this new Universal Studios update. This is part 4 (PART 3 can be found HERE).

Let's continue with a  few more photos of the Transformers Ride building from across the lagoon:

Time to get an up-close look at the walled-off areas of the The Simpsons' area:

Unfortunately, to make way for the new additions, some of the trees had to be either moved or...

...chopped down:

The Lorax does NOT approve this:

More walls! Just what we want to see (really!):

Hopefully they will remove these antebellum light fixtures:

A look behind the walls, next to the The Simpsons Ride:

And the walls continue:

Bye bye, International Food & Film Festival:

Don't worry, we took a lot of photos inside and outside the building. We'll post them at a later time.

Behind the walls:

What a mess...

Moving on, a huge - and unexplained - box has appeared in the middle of the pathway next to the construction walls. Does it hide a former light fixture? What is it? The mystery remains unsolved...

More walls:

...and more behind-the-walls shots for our readers!:

Note also the markings on the concrete:

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  1. the box was being made when I was there last week its covering a broken manhole. at least that's what it looked like when I see t2 guys there making the box. think it was on Thursday.


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