Universal Studios: Simpsons Project Begins (PART 3)

Thank you for reading this new Universal Studios update. This is part 3 (PART 2 can be found HERE).

Now, let's continue to take a look around... It looks some kind of lasers or projectors have been installed on top of Lombard's Seafood Grille (we are not sure if these were there in the past):

The table that was added in the area outside the restaurant is gone again. Strange:

We'll get there soon...

But now it is time to check the construction taking place in the former Amity Village:

The huge building that will soon house a coaster is being enclosed as well:

A look at the entire building (in four different photos... it's THAT BIG!), from right to left:

Construction workers were hard at... work:

Two humongous cranes next to each other:

More construction:

More photos of the huge coaster building:

The cranes:

Everybody's favorite (...sarcasm...) show is back!:

Go Fear Factor! Yes, go... away.

Time to focus on another new project:

What is going on over there? If you'd like to know, then proceed to part 4! It gets curiouser and curiouser...


  1. I know you don't like talking about WWoHP, but maybe you can answer this question. I know the building for the Forbidden Journey ride is HUGE, having visited last year. How does the building in the new London-themed area compare in size to that building?

  2. Also, which building is larger: the Transformers or the new London building?

  3. @Anonymous: We will try to put together a very quick rendering to show you how the Forbidden Journey building would fit in either area (we have no problems talking about the technical sides of the attractions). Just keep an eye out on our Facebook page!

  4. The "Projectors" you spotted on the roof of Lombards are the old Irideon lights and their lift from the old Stuntacular lagoon show, they just have never been removed. There were several compounds around the lagoon with these towers that would lift in place for shows some even had human operated spotlights on them in addition to the lights you saw.


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