Universal Studios: Simpsons Project Begins (PART 5)

Thank you for reading this new Universal Studios update. This is part 5 (PART 4 can be found HERE).

We will now take a look at the huge building in the former Amity area from the other side of the lagoon:

Putting up one more piece:

There it is!:

The first roller coaster ride track has been installed:

We are definitely not coaster enthusiasts, so we cannot tell which manufacturer built these:

Rumors point to either Premier or Intamin. One thing is sure: it will NOT be Maurer Söhne (the maker of the infamous Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit...):

A look at the construction from an elevated area (can you guess where we are?):

Again, more photos of the track:

Moving over to the Kid Zone, we noticed that the E.T. Adventure has a new sign:

It is visibly much better looking than the former one:

You can also tell that it is new because it refers to the thirtieth anniversary of the movie:



A closer look:

By the way, the E.T. Adventure was really drawing a lot of Guests:

Botanicus (and E.T.) needs our help:

The Spongebob Storepants:

We just saw the Animal Actors - On Location! show for the first time in more than two years, and we have to say that now we find it a bit more entertaining than in the past. SeaWorld's Pets Ahoy is still much better, of course. That being said, there were some nice gags and actions performed by the animals:

The new booths near the Gardens of Allah are now open:

These replace all the former carts and booths located along the lagoon in the Simpsons' area:

It's time for some more Transformers photos:

Something that we (surprisingly!) didn't know: the Brown Derby shop is currently down for a major rehab:

A look inside form the window:

A better look inside:

They have basically removed everything except from the pictures on the top:

Time to leave... But first, there's the parade!:

And that's all. Thank you for another exciting day, Universal Studios Florida!:

Finally, the update is over. As we said at the beginning, we certainly hope that you enjoyed it. Before, we leave you, we wanted to remind you that we appreciate your comments and opinions, so make sure to post something before you move on! Also, due to the large size of this update, our panoramic photos were not included, as they will be posted soon in a separate update. Thank you again, and see you soon!


  1. awesome update! great to see the whole place in turmoil :D just a sign that the place has amazing things to come

  2. wow universal just doesn't stop!
    why can't we get disney to show the same get up and go attitude? :P
    universal still has to really work on their theming. the whole place is just so random.

  3. It's like they should issue every guest who enters Universal a yellow construction helmet,the whole park is changing.I like Universal's theming,it's a studio park so you should be running into different random areas throughout,look at the entrance to Transformers,it basically funnels into Delancey street.

  4. Great update, thank You! Good thing it's the age of digital photograhy! That many pics in the "old" days, would have cost a fortune! Looking forward to the panoramas ;o)

  5. Wow, they keep on building and remoddeling. Awesome! Love this update.
    When could we expect Universal to announce what they are building (exept for the Transformers part that we now know about)? And lets hope they include concept art.

  6. Wow! It seems as though the entire park is under construction! Can't wait to see whats in store for the future

  7. Has there been confirmation as to whether or not Transformers will preserve the New York theme along Delancy and Park? I hope so.

  8. All rumors have been pointing to Intamin as the ride manufacturer, but Premier is also excellent and I wouldn't be disappointed if they were behind the potter coaster. Great update!

  9. Can we ever see some update of the WWoHP phase 2 from the IOA side, meaning the supposed hogwarts express station and what now. But other than that I love the update, very informative. Just how big is that showcase building in the former amity area?

  10. Having just got back from Orlando and visiting universal and finding such. Building site, it is great to be told what is actually going on in there!! Thanks for the amazing update and keep up the good work. I look forward to the future updates.

  11. Going out next year from the uk can't wait to see everyhing new thats happening absolutely love universal


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