As you certainly know, Universal Orlando is radically mutating and is increasingly becoming a much bigger threat to Disney. One of its latest project is a realistic train that will soon connect Universal Studios Florida to its sister theme park, Universal's Islands of Adventure. As you may have noticed from our latets photo-reports, work on this new train has already started at Islands of Adventure, but work will soon begin also in the backstage areas of Universal Studios. Here's one advisory recently issued by Universal to all Team Members:

Utility, Infrastructure Upgrades to Affect Backstage Traffic Flow

Beginning Monday, August 20, 2012 backstage traffic routes will change as our teams conduct infrastructure upgrades and utility maintenance along Perimeter Road.

As indicated in the map above, certain sections of Perimeter Road will be closed – and vehicle traffic will be
rerouted; however, pedestrians will be able to use sidewalks and designated walkways to traverse all work zones (indicated on the map in pink).

Isn't that obvious? The track of this new train is even highlighted in yellow (or is it orange?) in the above map. Notice that is starts from the area near "The Eighth Voyage of Sindbad" theater, and it goes all the way to the area labeled as "Future Expansion"... So, are you excited?

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Hark, do I hear the whistle of Hogwarts Express?!?

Anonymous said...

I can understand if it's Hogwarts Express. Otherwise, why bother? You can walk to each park quite easier. There is a lot less walking at Universal than there is at Disney.

Anonymous said...

Funny how Universal works so hard to build transportation between parks, when Disney still doesn't have Monorail service to Hollywood or Animal Kingdom.
What happen to the Disney Difference? Now it's become the Universal Exception.

Carrie said...

No. Frankly I think putting Harry Potter into Studios is a mistake. Separating your themed areas (especially one that is such a huge draw currently) between two parks is not only silly but is going to cause massive flow problems.

1. Your going to need a 2 park ticket to see everything. People won't realize this upon purchasing.
2. Flow Control is going to be a nightmare because your now going to need enter/exit ticket booths are both parks, which will slow people down.
3. With the people swamping Studios and IoA, your going to have a flow nightmare with the "Train" ride also from folks just wanting to ride back and forth which will cut your travel capacity in half at any given moment.

Anonymous said...

While it shows "Future Expansion" Have they mentioned what they are doing? Are they making it a London-esque town like they have in Hollywood to then go to the 9 3/4 station?

Also is this train going to circulate or just go forward & backward?

Anonymous said...

Universal execs are genious,you have Islands of Adventure with attendance increases of 30% every year since they opened Potter and Universal at a sluggish 6-8%,now you're forcing people to visit both parks,bringing in people to stay multiple days instead of just taking a day out of their Disney trip.

Kefrif said...

Not impressed. Too much Harry Potter will kill half the reason for going to these parks. While I know I'm in the minority, I feel the removal of iconic Universal properties to effectively duplicate the presence of others is a stifle to the variety of the park. Chalk me up as against it. (although its worth bearing in mind they haven't announced anything yet).

JiffyPop said...

@ Anonymous #2

As much as it would be great to have monorail service to those two parks, it would be an enormously expensive project for them, especially when they are deeply focused in expanding Fanstasyland and about to begin work on half-billion dollar project that is Avatar Land. Personally, I think the bus service is adequate for now. Two weeks ago, I visited the resort and I had to travel from Epcot to Animal Kingdom. Once I got to the loading area, the bus I had to catch was leaving. About four minutes later, the next bus to the park came. Pretty efficient service to me.

Frank said...

Universal Is Just Setting Up An Underground Train, nothing Compared To What It Is Like Putting Up A Monorail Which is 75 Million Dollars For Every Mile!

JiffyPop said...

@ Frank

Exactly! The construction of a new monorail line would be an enormous cost. There's nothing wrong with the current modes of transportation at Disney's parks. If it ain't broken, don't fix it.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the monorail is not essential. Besides, where would you put it? It would take a lot of space to set up the stations and the track poles.

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