Universal: It's All About Back to the Future (Part 3)

We will now take a look at the progress being done on the new games area in the Simpsons' queue area:

New metal structures have been installed around the queue area:

It looks like the final color of these new metal bars will be purple:

BREAKING NEWS: Both the DeLorean Time Machine and the Jules Verne Train are back at Universal Studios, in the exact location that we mentioned in our last update! Take a look:

Some photos of the Jules Verne Train and its sign:

A view of the Jules Verne Train from different angles:

Moving on to Hollywood, we saw one of the parade's float being used in one of the mini-shows that are now taking place in the park multiple times a day:

It also looks like some of the details of the Pantages Theater's facade have been repainted:

This bench is either a very famous one or it has recently been repainted:

And... oh! Look who is there! It's Doc with his Back to the Future bike:

A photo for OTPN's fans:

A closer look at this great bike:

Love the particulars:

No more Betty Boop banner:

By the way... Here's a photo of the covered Fear Factor sign. This should make everybody happy:


  1. Universal Is Blowing Me Away, They Are Really Going To Town

  2. I love seeing the train and Delorean back in the park, but they have the photo op on the wrong side of the train! The train was decorated more heavily on the right side because that was the only side they shot from for BTTF III. I know most people wont notice it or even care, but the train should be flipped on the tracks so the appropriate side is facing the display sign.

  3. It's great to see the 'Back to the Future' props back in the park. And even greater seeing Doc Brown!

  4. Wow, this is great to see this place and I am really enjoying to be here.I love seeing any rides in here and if I could stay in here I will do.

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  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE your Universal Orlando coverage. Thanks much!! I swear I visit this site way more than you update just in anticipation of another great update!

  6. I'm upset that they installed a MASSIVE Mr.Fusion on the BTTF Delorean. Other than that though I am super happy to see them back!


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