We will now take a look at the progress being done on the new games area in the Simpsons' queue area:

New metal structures have been installed around the queue area:

It looks like the final color of these new metal bars will be purple:

BREAKING NEWS: Both the DeLorean Time Machine and the Jules Verne Train are back at Universal Studios, in the exact location that we mentioned in our last update! Take a look:

Some photos of the Jules Verne Train and its sign:

A view of the Jules Verne Train from different angles:

Moving on to Hollywood, we saw one of the parade's float being used in one of the mini-shows that are now taking place in the park multiple times a day:

It also looks like some of the details of the Pantages Theater's facade have been repainted:

This bench is either a very famous one or it has recently been repainted:

And... oh! Look who is there! It's Doc with his Back to the Future bike:

A photo for OTPN's fans:

A closer look at this great bike:

Love the particulars:

No more Betty Boop banner:

By the way... Here's a photo of the covered Fear Factor sign. This should make everybody happy:

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