As you may have heard from our official Facebook page or from other Walt Disney World-focused sites, an updated narration has been introduced in the Walt Disney World Monorail system. For this reason, we visited the Resort a few days ago and we recorded the entire narration of the Epcot monorail (which departs from the Transportation & Ticket Center). Take a look... and hear!:

As you may have heard, the narration seems to be almost exactly the same, but the person's voice is different. We have heard multiple comments from some our followers on YouTube, and we have to say that we are surprised to see such different responses. Some like it, some hate it, but it looks like there's no general consensus on the subject... Of course, we want to hear your opinion too! Feel free to share your comments!

In addition to that, we will soon also post a video that partially shows the updated narration on the Express monorail (that links the Magic Kingdom park to the Transportation & Ticket Center), so stay tuned!

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