Thank you for continuing to read through this new TurtleTrek update (PART 1 is right here).

Let's continue our journey through the eyes of a sea turtle:

A look back as we leave the second pre-show room:

But now it is time to see the show! Enjoy this video of the full experience! (Please, be aware that the video may be very blurry in some parts due to the 3-D animation and the darkness in the theater):

The show itself is great. The video we took doesn't do any justice to the beautiful 3-D projections (but that is why you have to go and see it yourself at the park!). You are completely immersed (no pun intended) in the story, and action is taking place all around you, meaning that you may have to visit the ride again and again to catch all the particulars. In addition to that, the music that accompanies the images is absolutely great. By the way, the entire experience (including the two pre-show rooms) lasts about 20 minutes.

Now it is time to exit:

At the exit, we find a nice interactive game called "Race to the Beach":

It consists in helping a sea turtle to go back to the beach and lay her eggs:

...but there are a lot of obstacles in the way, so be careful!:

The controllers used in the game are great. They look like real sea turtles!:

The post-show area also includes a view of both the turtle and the manatee tanks from above:

The very last place that guests visit is the attraction's gift shop, called "Trek Treasures":

This is not an ordinary gift shop, though:

Indeed, every time guests buy an item in this store, a percentage of what they pay goes to the SeaWorld Conservation Fund:

But that's not all! Indeed, at every purchase, the counter near the cash register glows orange, and the back screen animates, telling guests the amount of money that will go to the Conservation Fund (notice also in the next picture the new paper bags that recently replaced plastic bags in the park):

Neat idea, huh?:

The other side of the shop:

We conclude with a couple of interviews with some of the great people that were behind this project:

And this is all! Once again, we want to thank SeaWorld Orlando for the great Media Event. We look forward to go back and visit the attraction again in the next few days.

Have a great rest of your day, and thank you for reading! Oh, and remember...

- BE AN EVERYDAY HERO! Journey On! -


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