Fun Spot America: Official Expansion Plans Revealed

Today we have some great news to share with our readers!

Mr. Tuten, Creative Director of Fun Spot America (that will be the new name of Fun Spot Action Park in Orlando, as it was announced some time ago) kindly shared with us a lot of additional details regarding the major expansion of the park, which will truly become extraordinary. Here you are some of the rides and attractions you can expect to see (Please, keep in mind that these are work-in-progress computer models, and some attractions will possibly be changed):

Let's start by taking a look at a rendering of the whole park, with most of the new attractions planned.
We were told that the two new coasters, the new go-kart track (the green one), and the SkyCoaster (which will be a 250’ tall lattice arch structure, formerly located at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas) are very likely to be as they are shown in this drawing. We were also told that the WindSeeker shown in this computer model (the tall, white ride located between the two new coasters) is less likely to to be included:

Here's another view of the park from a different angle. Notice the size of the wooden coaster and the water park. Also, the rendering confirms that the famous Fun Spot Ferris Wheel will be relocated on top of a new building, which will function as the main entrance of the park (by the way, general admission will still be free). The park will also have a Double-Decker Chance Carousel:

Did you know that with the addition of the new SkyCoaster, we will have the two tallest SkyCoasters in the world in the Orlando area? One is currently located at Fun Spot U.S.A. (in Kissimmee), while the new one will be located at this park, Fun Spot America. Here's a photo of the new SkyCoaster:

As in many situations, the park expansion will be done in phases, and "the exact breakdown of that is yet to be determined," as stated by Mr. Tuten. "[Fun Spot America is] also working with ACI, a local architecture firm, on some very exciting designs for our buildings and structures which [Fun Spot America] will make public in the coming months. These building designs are not included in the current computer model." This means that there will be even more things to look forward to!

Now let's talk about coasters. As mentioned at the beginning, the park will have two of them:

The first one will be a Chance-Vekoma Suspended Family Coaster. Here is a video which shows the same model of the coaster that will be built, aside from the theming. Also, here's a rendering of how the ride will look like at Fun Spot America:

The second coaster - which will certainly please many coaster-lovers! - will be a Wood/Steel Hybrid Coaster designed by Great Coasters International, Inc. That's the same great company that is currently building the majestic Wodan at Europa-Park! "This coaster will have a steel structure with a classic wood top and track. It will be the first wood/steel hybrid coaster for Great Coasters International." At this link, you will find a video of a computer animation of the coaster. In addition to that, here's a rendering of the ride:

Mr. Tuten also added that "both... coasters are about 60’ tall. We believe they are very exciting, but still accessible for the whole family. The height requirement for the suspended coaster is only 38” tall, the wood coaster is not much more... We are working very hard on creating a great park for the whole family. It’s Huge!"

- All logos and renderings shown here are subject to the copyright of Mr. Tuten (Creative Director at Fun Spot America) and of Fun Spot Attractions. All rights are strictly reserved. -

This expansion will really be a major event here in Central Florida. All Fun Spot Parks already offer a lot of family-friendly attractions, and with this expansion they will surely attract even more families and teenagers.

Now that you have a general idea of what is coming to Fun Spot America, consider participating in this poll:

Thank you for voting, and a big thank you to Mr. Tuten for sharing with us these exciting information!


  1. That will be just a Vekoma Family Invert. King's Island has one named Flying Ace Aerial Chase and its pretty fun but its eventually going to get rough. Very rough.

    And they must have made a slight typo as the height given for it seems pretty impossible to make it complete the circuit.

  2. Just a little warning. My neighbor broke his back on the SkyCoasters in Kissimmee. There was a little wind gust when they dropped the rope and they smacked down. You have to sign a waiver so they don´t take any responsibility what so ever. Just to let you know.

  3. No, there are no inversions. This is a very smooth, fun ride. I've been on one with kids as young as 4 years old who loved it and wanted to jump right back on. I would urge you to watch the video and see for yourself.

    Patrick Tuten

  4. Thank you for making that confirmation, Mr. Tuten!

  5. Mr. Tuten, I have ridden them and other Vekoma inverted coasters and they are rough. That is the trademark of a Vekoma. Don't believe me? Go ride any Vekoma Suspended Looping Coaster, Boomerang or Flying Ace Aerial Chase - Their popular family invert which is what is being added to your park.

    Yes they are smooth in the first couple of years but like I said they are rough and will get rough eventually.

  6. I really am excited about the new wooden coaster... I hope they will keep the WindSeeker... I wonder what the Fun Spot in Kissimmee will add to balance the two out now?

    Check out my blog, all about Central Florida and the theme parks! http://www.vaaoffla.com/adventure-blog.html

  7. Hi Austin Ray, You're confusing the Suspended Looping Coaster with the Suspended Family Coaster. I have also ridden the Suspended Looping Coaster and I agree they are much taller, have inversions, and are much more intense than the coaster we are getting. Thanks

    Patrick Tuten

  8. This park reminds me of Miracle Strip... Limited space... A out-and-back wood coaster on the edge... Lots of spinny rides.

  9. No I am not confusing them with anything. Vekoma has 2 coaster models that are inverted, Suspended Looping Coaster (SLC) and Suspended Family Coasters. I know exactly what I am talking about. And if you want proof then go ride some one of the 7 suspended family coasters that are operating worldwide.

    Rough is a Vekoma trademark. And I'm not the only one who shares that opinion.

  10. Mr. Ray is correct, Vekoma coasters do become rough, sometimes to the point of intolerability ...

  11. Well, maybe your terminology is throwing me off. We think of inversions as when you go through a loop and you're upside down. The SFC has no inversions. I have personally ridden both coasters and while the SLC was very intense, I didn't find it rough and I really enjoyed it. But the SFC that we are getting was extremely smooth. The new type of open restraint was also very comfortable. Maybe we can allow for the possibility that their engineering has improved over the years. Thanks

    Patrick Tuten

  12. @ Mr. Tuten: thanks again for making a clarification regarding the coaster coming to Fun Spot America.

    @ Austin: I do understand your concerns about it being a Vekoma coaster, but you have to remember that not all of them are rough. Take for example one of the best family coasters on earth: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. It is a Vekoma coaster, and it is not rough at all (at least, in my humble opinion). I know that the typology may be different, but the same concept applies.

    Just wait until it will open. You may be surprised, who knows!

  13. This series of comments seems to have degenerated into an argument as to whether vekoma coasters are rough or not and seems to have detracted from the true purpose of the post. We should be celebrating the fact that Orlando is getting a host of new attractions!
    Fun Spot appears to have a refreshing attitude and continues to try to add to its catalogue of family attractions and should be applauded for at least making an effort (while other parks stand still and go stale)
    Its down to an individual whether they like these additions but as the administrator said, surely we should wait and see how they turn out before critisising them

    I'd also once again like to thank Mr Tuton for his openness in both sharing this information, and taking the time to answer posts - not many attraction owners would do the same!


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