The I-Drive LIVE project, previously called I-Walk Orlando, was first announced in March of 2011. It will include a Madame Tussaud's wax museum, a Sea Life Aquarium, the incredible Orlando Eye (that will be even bigger that the London Eye), as well as shops, restaurants, hotels, and many other undisclosed additions.

Today we'll take a quick glimpse at some artworks and images (all subject to the copyright of I-Drive LIVE) that will show us how the area may look like when the whole complex will open to the public in 2013:

First of all, here is a map that gives a general idea of the location of I-Drive LIVE. It will be located in the land previously occupied by the Mercado, which was a small shopping area that didn't seem to work very well:

The following rendering shows the visual impact that the entertainment district will provide:

This following map gives us the exact location of some of the future attractions:

And now, here's how the guest areas will look like (remember that these artworks are subject to change):

The area will look beautiful with all the plants and palms that will be planted all around the walkways:

In addition to that, here's an overview of the three Merlin attractions coming to the entertainment district:

Sounds like a really interesting project, doesn't it?

Unfortunately, as of today, work has not started in the future site of this mega entertainment complex. This doesn't mean that nothing has been done in the meantime. On the contrary, the company that owns the entire piece of land, where all these attraction will be built, has bought an additional amount of land nearby, according to the Orlando Sentinel. This mean that they will have a total of 70 acres available to build!

This is surely going to be a great addition to International Drive. What's the attractions you are looking forward to see the most?

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