Small details play a major role in all the best theme parks in the world, and Universal Orlando is certainly aware of that. Indeed, in the past few years there have been quite a few minor enhancements that have made some of the two parks' areas even better. Take a look:

On-Stage Enhancements at Universal Orlando

We are always on the lookout for ways to make the show even better, and this year we took some steps to make sure our guests enjoyed a high-quality entertainment experience. Marvel Super Hero Island debuted new character costumes and upgraded vehicles. We updated music recordings at Beetlejuice’s Graveyard Revue, and enhanced the street entertainment program at Universal Studios. Our on-stage venues got some facelifts, too, from scenic lighting in Port of Entry and Marvel Super Hero Island, to a repaired and repainted Brown Derby Hat Shop in Universal Studios Florida. We even added subtle touches like chimney smoke in [Islands of Adventure's new area] and – thanks to a Team Member suggestion – a popcorn scent effect on The Cat in the Hat!

That was very interesting, right? We personally noticed only a few of those things (surprising, isn't it?), but we know that Universal forgot one thing: they also recently repainted the hat on top of The Cat in the Hat's ride building! Anyway, it is always great to hear that attention to details is a focus of the parks. As we said before, that's exactly what makes the difference.

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OT said...

And now on to the horrible Fear Factor show that overstayed it´s welcome from the day it started.
Give us a awesome stunt show!!!

Anonymous said...

It's one thing not to like Harry Potter, but to take it to the level where you change a quote to suit your likes is another thing. As fabulous as your site it, your views are wildly inconsistent regards magic/evil characters. If you call it "the new area" you're still referring to it and we know it's there. Ignoring things we don't like or agree with is not a sensible way to deal with it. I don't like or agree with churches and organised religion, but I don't ignore it or call it "that thing people believe in". I honestly don't mind your views, but changing quotes in this way is frustrating. It's manipulating actual news and fact and is a slippery slope. Aside from that; excellent updates so thank you.

Anonymous, first of all thank you for your input. Regarding that matter, we're sorry that it makes you feel like we are manipulating the news, because actually that is not our goal. We have specific believes that we have that are way more important than this site and the updates we do. Even mentioning the name of Universal's new area makes us feel like we are advertising it, therefore we completely abstain from doing that.
Once again, thank you for sharing your opinion with us, but as we said before, what we do is mostly an hobby, and while we strive to share with you only the right information, we will not post it.
Anyway, thank you very much for the kind words on our site, and have a great one.

Anonymous said...

I understand you don't want to advertise the area but I think by means of omission you pay it more attention that not naming it. It's great you read & respond to feedback and I do genuinely enjoy your updates. Out of interest, have you tried the rides there? I imagine you enjoy the forbidden journey in terms of technology and ride system. Something I'd like is an update on Busch Gardens' cheetah area as I can't picture how it all fits in with what's surrounding it since my last visit when they were constructing it. Many thanks.

Thank you again for your response, Anonymous. To answer your question, actually I have not been on FJ (both because of its theme and for the fact that is too thrilling for me!). Regarding Busch Gardens, though, I agree with you. We need to get back there and post a new update. Stay tuned, and thanks for the appreciative comments about our updates!

Anonymous said...

God forbid we mention the name of a fictional story that celebrates love, friendship, and good overcoming evil through the use of Christian allegory.

Though I don't expect you to answer this, is the chimney smoke in Hogsmeade referring to painted-on soot or actual smoke billowing? If anyone knows this, I would love to know the answer.

@Last Anonymous: it is actual smoke.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the answer and the continuous updates.

Anonymous said...

You say this is just a hobby but always are asking for donations and ways to make the site better. Just admit you're being totally unprofessional and immature. Even if you don't like it or goes against your beliefs if you want to be a good reporter you tell the news how they are. I love the site and your updates but I think it's ridiculous the way you act against the wizarding world. It's just a theme park, don't need to be so harsh. But oh well, this is your hobby so you can do whatever you want, but stop asking for things if you can't please all the people that's been asking you for photos of the so called "new area".

Kefrif said...

Umm... I get the feeling this boils down to a dislike of witchcraft thing, which - IMHO - is fair enough. Each to their own, and all that. I mean - its either that or the Universal people have warned the Admin off reporting on HP. Either way - its the Admins show and they can run it how they like. ( 2 cents)

@the very last Anonymous: Saying that we are "unprofessional and immature" is quite offensive in my opinion, but I will respond to your comment because I would like to make a point clear, and because I have always been (and always will be) very polite with everyone. We encourage our readers to donate something whenever they want just because each time we go to the parks it is a great expense for us. If we didn't have this blog, we would certainly not go as frequently to the parks. We also spend a lot of time taking photos each time. There are multiple occasions in which we don't even have time to ride ANYTHING, just because we have time only to take pictures of the park we're visiting on a given day. In addition to that, we haven't received a donation in months, and we just took away one of our sponsors. We try our best in bringing you all the latest news from the parks, and then we are treated like that. We really feel a bit down when reading comments like yours. Anyway, as we always say, thank you for your input on the subject.

@Kefrif: Thank you very much for your support. We really appreciate that.

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