The Orlando Thrill Park is back, and this time, it looks like it will be finally approved by the City Council.
If you have followed the story of this project, you know that the park had been turned down once, and then was brought up once again, just to be canceled for good. But, it looks like that was not the end of the story!
Indeed, the project is back yet again, and this time, the city of Orlando seems ready to approve it.

Read more about this news, from a small article found on CFNews 13:

City council to take up Orlando Thrill Park proposal

Monday the city council will once again take up the "Orlando Thrill Park" proposal.
The park, which is planned for Orlando's Tangelo Park area, was voted down by the council in April because that area off of International Drive is currently zoned for residential use only.
Earlier in October, the city reached a new zoning agreement that would allow the park in the Tangelo Park area.
The council is expected to pass that agreement during a first reading Monday. A second reading and public hearing is scheduled for Monday, Nov. 14.

Just to remind you how the project would have looked like (and how it will hopefully look like in the near future), here is an aerial view of the site, complete with all the rides planned to be built:

Rendering subject to the copyright of the Orlando Thrill Park. All rights reserved.

Even though we are not fans of this new amusement park (as many of you know), we always welcome a new entertainment complex here in Orlando. We just hope that the management will re-think about what their decision of not giving the park differently themed areas. It will just be a "sea of steel", as the park will feature exclusively thrill rides (no dark rides or other family-friendly attractions), but I guess that's what some like...

How do you feel about this project? Please, feel free to share your opinion with the rest of our readers!

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