Are you ready for a new Magic Kingdom update? We hope so, as we have a lot of pictures to share with you today! So, let's start right away (as we usually do), and let's take a look around the park:

Work continue on the two arches that lead to Main Street U.S.A.:

Town Square:

The Engine Co. 71 store is still under refurbishment:

It was a quite busy day:

Work continue next to the Crystal Arts shop:

The tarps on the shop are really huge... and very well done:

They are very realistic:

The entrance to the shop:

Cinderella Castle:

Peter Pan was meeting right in front of Adventureland:

The new bridge to Adventureland is great as always...

But it is already showing that they don't really clean it. Notice the big (real) spiderweb:

Work continue on the major refurbishment of the Swiss Family Treehouse (CLICK HERE to know more):

NEW - A new tarp has been put up near the Sunshine Pavilion:

It may be related to the new interactive game, coming soon to the park:

Will it be something related to these torches?:

The sign of Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room has received a new set of LED lights:

Pirates of the Caribbean:

Tortuga Tavern:

Work continue on the gateway between Frontierland and the Caribbean Plaza:

- Moving to Frontierland -

NEW - The Golden Oak Outpost has recently received a new, much more limited menu:

Work continues on Pecos Bill's Tall Tale Inn Cafe':

New wooden fences have been put into place all around the area:

And, this is all for part 1. Please, CLICK HERE to view PART 2 of this same update!

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