Old Hard Rock Cafe' - The Demolition Has Begun

Wait a minute! Did I just say that Universal Studios Florida's old Hard Rock Cafe' is finally being demolished? Yes, that's exactly right. Work is well underway on the site of the abandoned Hard Rock Cafe', which is (well, was) situated in the "Kid Zone" of the park, behind Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse Coaster. The building is now just a pile of rubble. Unbelievable, isn't it? But Screamscape had already broken the news on September 13, 2011, remember?

But, we are not just talking. We actually have some pictures that confirm that, which we took just a few hours ago. Take a look, and be amazed. This is actually happening.

First of all, new walls have gone up near the former entrance to the restaurant:

A new camera has appeared in the demolition site:

A worker was controlling the area:

The column in front of the restaurant's entrance was one of the very few things still standing:

And from here, you'll really start to see some major demolition:

A huge machine was literally crushing every piece of the building:

Here you are an overview of the area:

You could actually still see some of the interior areas of the building:

The windows still had blinds:

The view from Curious George Goes to Town:

They've even destroyed the asphalt around the building:

So, this is the end of the old Hard Rock Cafe'...

The only thing we can say is... it was about time!

Now, what about the future of that area, though? Will they build a completely new area, or will they just expand the Kid Zone, building more playing areas and rides? Let the speculation begin.

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  1. That was a cool place shaped like a guitar. Have video of a friend and me having dinner there...sigh...

  2. Now that was fast.....

  3. I used to work there, and that is the torch, not just a colum :)

  4. Wow...when Universal starts to do something, it does very fast!!!!!!!

    I just noticed one thing: If a new camera was placed there if means only one thing: Something big is coming !!!!

    Come on Universal, tell us something about!!!!!

  5. Transformers the ride anybody?;)

  6. wonder what they did with the giant guitar that covered the walkway to the entrance?

  7. My best guess is that they're going to use that area to put in the Transformers ride. Why else would they choose to knock it down now after so much time?

  8. sad day for that old lady sad time in the hardrock cafe history

  9. I have a feeling this is where the supposed Transformers ride will be. Spielberg already said that there are plans for it, we just need Orlando to announce it now. I have a feeling we won't get an announcement until January though, when the park goes into it's off-season.

  10. Well theres rumors that nickelodeon studios will be put there