Welcome to PART 2 of this new SeaWorld update. Please, remeber to check out PART 1 before reading this part. Thank you! And now, let's continue:

Journey to Atlantis has a really great theme. Can you imagine all the things they could do with a dark ride?:

By the way, they have not replaced the old (and rotten) Journey to Atlantis sign that was in this spot. I mean, they've finally removed it, but they have put nothing in its place:

The High Seas Market is now sponsored by Pepsi:

You can see that the Pepsi sign has just been attached to the side of the original sign:

Some pictures of the mighty Kraken:

Continuing through the park:

On our last visit, we noticed that the first part of the Blue Horizon show looked very cheesy:

Don't get me wrong, it is an absolutely great show (the ending still puts tears in my eyes), but the first part - where the girl meets the dolphins, and they do some not-so-unusual tricks -  looks a bit too "normal," with very little action. The rest of the show is absolutely great, though.

On a side note, now the moving window seen at the beginning of the show finally works. Before the show, it is hidden under the stage:

Then, it suddenly appears...

...and the show starts:

The ending:

One thing that was missing from the show was the big condor. He usually comes out when the "bad guys" swing over the pool, but he should be back soon, as he is still featured in the banners outside the theater:

Behind the theater, we noticed a big crane, which is being used for the Manatee Rescue renovation:

This will be a major rehab, believe me:

The Penguin attraction may soon be replaced by a new dark ride, and SeaWorld would also build a brand-new area for the penguins. Doesn't that sound incredibly good? We sure hope it is true:

...Crossing over the lagoon...

The Dine with Shamu area is still closed to the general public, possibly due to the installation of a safety raising floor in the killer whale's tank:

Scan this with your mobile device to learn more about One Ocean:

Some pictures of One Ocean, which is great, as always (but it would be even better with the trainers in the water):

The grand finale:

What a great day!:

And this concludes our SeaWorld Orlando update. We hope you have enjoyed the pictures.
PART 1 of this update can be found here.

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