Nine times out of ten, we visit the parks during the afternoon, since during the morning we are very busy doing other important things, but every once in a while we get the opportunity of visiting some parks during the early morning, just after the parks open to the public. Needless to say, it is really beautiful to see the parks under a different light (literally... the sun is in a different position during the morning), and it is always much quieter, as the crowds begin to build up after 11 a.m.

Today, we are going to check out Islands of Adventure, to take a general tour of the park, and see if we can also find something new to talk about:

A refurbished "Islands of Adventure" banner has been installed on the "height totem":

You can really tell that it is new:

The Express Plus cart is out only during the morning:

...and, also the main gate is open during the early morning hours:

"Let the Memori... ehm, the Adventure Begin!":

A look around the beautiful Port of Entry:

"The Last Chance Fruit Stand":

Some walk-around characters:

The wait times:

It's great to see that they didn't get rid of the Modern Mystics (see a video HERE):

The lagoon:

A look at an empty Seuss Landing:

There's nobody here:

Never noticed this:

Now, let's go to the Lost Continent:


It's moldy, but it still works:

Poseidon's Fury, on the other hand, had many special effects turned off, including the great water vortex effect. Very disappointing

The huge scale is gone from the Lost Continent:

In front of the entrance to the new area, they've installed some new umbrellas:

Some road expansion work is being done near the entrance to Jurassic Park:

A look at the Watering Hole:

Nice, little details like this sometimes go unnoticed:

Triceratops Discovery Trail... closed:

Pizza Predattoria was open:


An empty Jurassic Park:

Dudley Do-Right:

Popeye's Village:

...And, we conclude with a view of the Hulk:

Thank you very much for viewing, and have a great day!

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