Epcot inspires every year millions of people, with it celebration of the future and of the various countries that make up the world we currently live in. It is a fantastic place to have fun (and learn) with the whole family. It is truly an amazing theme park.

After having shared with you our love for this spectacular theme park, it is time for us to start this huge update (it is already very long, so we don't want to make it even longer!). This week, we have a lot of news from two different countries of World Showcase, as well as minor news from some of the pavilions found in the Future World area of the park. Let's start!

The entrance of the park was deserted:


Now, both map holders have been renovated and painted in blue:

Work also continues on the stone of "Leave a Legacy:

Spaceship Earth is so inspiring with its geodesic shape:

It was also full. Look at the queue:

Inside Innoventions East, work continues on the new "Habit Heroes" exhibit:

Going out, toward Future World East:

The small signs on the side of the "Universe of Energy" are currently receiving some attention:

The letters that made up the name of the attraction are missing from both of them... Is this a hint, or is it just a mere refurbishment? One can only hope:

Inside the building, take a look at the old (but still quite effective) ride vehicles of the Universe of Energy ride:

They can hold an immense number of guests:

The Food & Wine Festival Center will be opening soon:

Over the hill:

Mission Space (just naming this opprobrious attraction make me sad) had some problems with the "Orange" wait time display:

Test Track was having some technical problems:

You can tell from the huge line that formed outside the ride:

Fortunately, it reopened a few minutes later:

The pin station is still here...

Inside Innoventions West:

The big "ball" was not working:

Work continue on the old "Slapstick Studios" theater:

The former post-show area is now just another seating area:

It is very strange to see two "EXIT" signs so close to each other:

The two windows that showcased some interesting products are under refurbishment:

The "Play it Safe" area (the post show of the "Where's the Fire"game) is under rehab too:

Behind the walls:

Just outside the Land, work continues on the small snack booth:

This is all for part 1 of this update. Please, proceed to PART 2, by clicking on the HOME PAGE! Thanks!

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