LEGOLAND Florida has just accomplished a very important goal: placing the very first LEGO models inside their brand-new theme park. We invite you to check out these first models, with official videos and photos! Let's first take a look at this official new video, which takes us around the park with LEGOLAND Florida's General Manager:

Now, let's see some photos of some of these new models, that have just recently been installed in the park:

©2011 The LEGO Group. LEGOLAND® Florida.

©2011 The LEGO Group. LEGOLAND® Florida.

The Jefferson Memorial:

©2011 The LEGO Group. LEGOLAND® Florida.

©2011 The LEGO Group. LEGOLAND® Florida.

Putting on the roof:

©2011 The LEGO Group. LEGOLAND® Florida.


Here you are an additional video that shows some of these great LEGO creations being put into place!:

We cannot wait to see more! Stay tuned, and if you want to know more about LEGOLAND Florida, please, check out OTPN's LEGOLAND Florida page and the official LEGOLAND Florida web site!

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Bigfoots said...

Wow.... it look amazing! Sam, do you plan to visit it in the opening day????

Carsten said...

Interesting video and pictures from Legoland Florida. It looks awesome. Even though we have the original Legoland here in Denmark, the setting and the nature in Florida is hard to beat:-) Looking foreward to visit the park one day.

Greetings from Denmark

A.J. said...

Great videos and pictures!
As a resident in the DC area, what you labeled as the White House is actually the Jefferson Memorial! lol No big deal

Thanks a lot for the comments.

@A.J.: I really apologize for the mistake! This really shows that I need to visit the United States, to get acquainted with the national monuments and buildings! Thank you, I changed the name of it on the post.

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