New day, new hint from Universal Orlando's Facebook page. These small pieces of information are getting always more confusing... Here you are this week's hint, which includes some wild animals, and one of them may be related to new ride:

One of these creatures could be a UORHint, or could it?


As you may have read on Facebook, some say that the bee refers to "Bumblebee", which appears to be a character of the famous blockbuster movie "Transformers". We all know that Jimmy Neutron's building can no way fit a Transformers ride like the one being built in California. In addition to that, we already have "The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman", which uses as similar ride system, and even if they wanted to make another clone of the Transformer ride, they would not be able to open it by 2012 (which is the timetable for the new ride). What do you think?

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