NAVIGATION: The West Side | Pleasure Island | The Marketplace

It is time for a new Pleasure Island update! Let's see the work that has been done on the future Hyperion Wharf site and in general, in the area:

Entering the area:

The sitting area near the entrance of Pleasure Island is really nice:

New seats have been added to the area, and they do look very comfortable:

Looking forward to Hyperion Wharf:

The Soundstage Club, still standing:

One of the most missed clubs (if not the only one to be missed), the Adventurers Club:

Paradiso 37:

Another closed club:

A peek on the work for the new amphitheater:

Thinking about the future... :

I had never noticed this nice map near the boat dock. It tells you where all the different small boats go:

As you've seen in our West Side update, the Harley Davidson Store will soon close here in Pleasure Island, and will reopen in the West Side, in the old "Little Missmatched" store:

Mannequin's club:

Work near the entrance to the Marketplace:

The Portobello Restaurant:

It is time to go on and visit the Marketplace! Keep your eyes open, as PART 3 of this update (that, as we said, will cover the Marketplace) is coming soon! See you later!
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