Universal's Water Park? - RUMOR comes back again

This rumor is one of the most recurring in the resort.
There are people that say that Universal will build a new theme park on the lot just behind Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls, while others say that they will build a new water park (and get rid of the largely un-themed Wet 'n' Wild, which is not as profitable as a whole new, and themed, Universal Orlando water park would be).

But, let's take a look at the place in question. The place is really big, as you can see from these photos:

You can't really notice it, but there are a lot of yellow cones behind these tarps. We wonder if they mean something, or if they've simply been there forever:

As of now, that piece of land is used as a storage for the resort boats. Space misused, at this time:

As we said before, this place could be really huge, but it is cut in half by a road that would have to be removed (unless they want to build two smaller parks. Hmmm... Could they?):

To conclude, this is all speculation, but as we reported some months ago, Universal is seriously thinking about building a new theme park or water park. According to Screamscape, "This time they are apparently not just in a Blue-Sky dreaming mode, as they have been previously when submitting a few guest surveys [...]  If the rumors are true, the idea this time may be to put a solid entry for the waterpark project into the new 5-year Masterplan that Universal is working on." (Screamscape)

Really interesting rumors, right? But, what do you think? Should Universal build a new theme park, water park, or just renovate Wet 'n' Wild and spend more money on their existing theme parks?
Personally, I would love to see a new theme park, but if they'll build a fully-themed water park, as we previously said, I would be happy.


  1. Another theme park would be awesome....Water Park doesn't excite me

  2. Everytime a new fully themed park opens, life becomes more beautiful ;)

    So please Universal, make it a great new fully themed park instead of just a waterpark!

  3. @Benjamin- Great line! Totally agreed.

    I hope is a full park too, although if a water park was build it would be good too. Just not as welcomed as a fully themed park. I just really don't care for Wet N Wild.

    3 Universal's would be great!! Plus the 4 Disney's, 2 Seaworld Parks and Legoland would be really interesting...

  4. From what i have heard the latest rides or installs that have been going into wet'n'wild are easily transferable to the new water park universal is creating its a cost saving exercise: Brain Wash,Disco h2o and the storm were put in for this reason, ie to satisfy the public for new rides but also uni execs who due to rental land did not want rides that could not be transferred

  5. Since Wet N Wild is basically living on borrowed time, it makes much more sense to build a brand new highly themed waterpark on the resort property. There is still space for expansions in the two theme parks, and honestly, what would they do theming wise with a third theme park? I see the full scale themed waterpark being the answer to that plot of land.


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