Hello, and welcome to a short, but nonetheless interesting Universal Studios update!
Let's begin right away by saying that it was a rainy day (at first), but then, later in the afternoon it started to... stop! This, of course, didn't prevent us to take pictures:

Yep... Jaws was closed. But, don't worry! It reopened just yesterday!:

Preparation for the next week's concerts:

HRRR was open at first:

But of course, after a while, it closed down for rain:

Grey day:

The 4th of July banner is gone...

maybe just for refurbishment:

Some over-the-wall pictures of Jaws:

Since it was Saturday (the day before it opened), the lagoon was already filled:

Moving stuff:

And we conclude with a special appearance of the Mystery machine:

Thanks for viewing!! Have a great day, everybody!

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