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Yes, you read it right. The Incredible Hulk coaster will be repainted soon, according to Screamscape.
Universal Orlando has already contacted a well-known painting company that is specialized in theme parks.

Take a look at this exciting news, courtesy of Screamscape:

Don’t look now, but I’m told that Universal has signed a contract with a company to come in and finally repaint the Incredible Hulk. According to the new permit files sent my way, they have hired Baynum Painting to do it, a company well known for their ride painting at the Six Flags theme parks. They even have a special section on their website to list the over 135 roller coasters they have painted throughout the nation… though according to the list, they have never worked for Universal before.
    The paperwork was just filed with the county on Feb. 23rd, and according to the description, it will include the Hulk’s”Track, Buildings and Launch Tube”.

So, what do you think? Isn't this a fantastic news?? We didn't make it as a breaking news yet, as we are waiting them to actually START to re-paint it. We really look forward to it!! Thank you, Universal Orlando!!

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