Thanks to our friends at Discussion Kingdom, we discovered that the seasonal restaurant "El Pirata y el Perico" (The Pirate and the Parrot), located in front of the Pirates of the Caribbeans plaza, may have recently changed name. Here's the new name, as it appears on this week's Magic Kingdom times guide:

As you can see, it looks like they're deciding whether to keep the original name or to change it with the new "Tortuga Tavern" name. In your opinion, which name is better? I like "Tortuga Tavern better, as it is simpler to say (for Americans) and because it conveys better the fact that it's a pirate's place.

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Anonymous said...

I don't understand how Tortuga (tortoise) is associated with Pirates more so than the actual name of Pirata (pirate)? Maybe they are adding a bar to the restaurant. It would be nice to have an adults only area like that. :-)

Austin Ray said...

^ Its from Pirates of the Caribbean. And it makes alot of sense. Tortuga is a area in the Spanish Caribbean.

Right, Austin. And Tortuga is a famous Caribbean Island where pirates used to bury their treasures (if I'm not mistaken) or it was their village where they would drink and sing all night...

James said...

Tortuga Tavern is definitely easier to say, but it's a lot of T's! I'd be afraid of people spitting when they say it!

Austin P said...

Can you get some shots of the construction going on at the Haunted

Anonymous said...

I'm sad to see the name go, as it was the last vestige of the original 1973 Caribbean Plaza, as it was (and still is) the best designed area in the park.

This restaurant was never open enough to make me care much about the name change, though, and it seems the menu is unchanged anyway.

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