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Disney Junior - Live on stage Press Release

The Walt Disney World Resort has posted a new press release of the show that has replaced "Playhouse Disney  - Live on Stage!". Take a look: ____________________________________________________________________
Ahoy, Mateys! Jake and the Never Land Pirates Landing at Disney's Hollywood Studios as Part of Show Debuting March 4
LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. -- Jake and the Never Land Pirates are landing at Disney's Hollywood Studios March 4, 2011, less than a month after they cast off on their first adventure on Disney Channel as part of the launch of Disney Junior programming designed for 2-to-7-year-old children.
 At the Walt Disney World theme park, they are playing a role in "Disney Junior--Live on Stage!", a theme park show created for young guests. Co-starring roles in the show are played by the cast of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Handy Manny and Little Einsteins -- other shows that are part of the Disney Junior schedule.
"Ever since 'Playhouse Disney--Live on …

OOTL: What's coming to Disneyland Resort summer '11

The Disney Parks Blog shares with us some news about what's coming soon to the Disneyland Resort in California next summer. Take a look:

From Under the Sea to Galaxies Far, Far Away... Opening Dates Are Set For A Soundsational Summer at Disneyland Resort
As days get longer and the weather gets warmer (well, hopefully!), we are very excited about summer 2011 at the Disneyland Resort. And today I’m thrilled to share the grand opening dates for three new experiences headed your way. Grand opening June 3: At Disney California Adventure park, get ready for an all-new voyage with one of Disney’s most beloved characters, Ariel. The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel’s Undersea Adventure will invite guests to take a journey under the sea to experience all the fun and adventures in Ariel’s world. From the great songs to state-of-the-art animatronics and special effects, guests will become a part of her world in a way that’s never happened before. The Little Mermaid attraction is the next big milestone …

Epcot's latest topiaries

Here you are a really quick look at some of the newest topiaries that have been put into place at Epcot in preparation for this year's Flower & Garden Festival! TO SEE ALL THE TOPIARIES, CLICK HERE.
First of all, this is not a topiary, but it's a news. Both stripes on the sides of Spaceship Earth are finally gone!:

Disney Junior - Live on stage starts this Friday

As a reminder, the re-imagined show "Disney Junior - Live on Stage", that has permanently replaced "Playhouse Disney - Live on Stage" will start this Friday, March 4th, 2011. Here you are the show times:
New! Disney Junior — Live on Stage!
20-minute show - (Begins on Friday) 9:40am, 10:30am, 11:20am, 12:10pm, 1:30pm, 2:20pm, 3:20pm,  4:10pm, 5:00pm, 5:50pm

Also, "the Stars of Playhouse Disney" have been replaced with "the Stars of Disney Junior". Times:

Stars of Disney Junior at the Animation Courtyard. . . . . . . .Continuously 10:30am–5:40pm

The show is said to be almost identical to the previous version, with the addition of some new scenes (like the one that you see on the above rendering, that will replace the Winnie the Pooh part of the show).
See you later this week, with more info and possibly some photos of the show!!

Update on Discovery Cove's new Grand Reef

As you know, Discovery Cove (one of the greatest natural theme parks ever created) will receive a huge expansion that will include the addition of a completely new reef, that will replace the old one (in the months following the opening of the new area, the old reef will be closed to be completely changed in a brand-new experience). More info on this great project from the Inside SeaWorld Blog: ______________________________________________________________

The Grand Reef Update: Discovery Cove's New Reef Is Moving Right Along
Opening June 2011 -- The Grand Reef at Discovery Cove -- There's something new to discover!

The Grand Reef at Discovery Cove in Orlando is coming along nicely, with the rock work already completed and the structures beginning to take shape. 

NEWS! - The repainting of the Hulk has started!

Some days ago, Screamscape reported that a painting company specialized in theme parks had been recruited to repaint one of the attractions in Islands of Adventures: The Incredible Hulk Coaster.
Today, thanks to a report of one of our readers (many people are starting to help us, and that's GREAT!!) that has posted an Anonymous comment, we have the confirmation, with pictures, that the re-painting of the attraction has started already!! Take a look at this announcement, from the Baynum Painting Inc.!: ________________________________________________________________________ Painting the Incredible Hulk at Universal Orlando!February 26, 2011 Written by Baynum Painting Inc.
Baynum Painting is thrilled to announce that work has begun on Universal Studios’ famous “Incredible Hulk” roller coaster ride at Orlando’s Islands of Adventure park. The Hulk’s entire track, support structure, and station house will be getting fresh new paint applied over the next several weeks. All work is taking p…

Disney's Art of Animation Resort construction pictures

Disney's Art of Animation Resort is a brand-new hotel that is currently being built at the Walt Disney World resort. It will feature a lot of different themes, and it will fall into the "Value" category, making it accessible to virtually all the families that have chosen other similar hotels like the All-Star Movies, Music and Sport resorts or also the Pop Century Resort. And, guess what? This new hotel will be built right next the Pop Century.
Thanks to one of our readers, Mr. Yves (that we really thank a lot!), we've got some pretty amazing pictures of the work site, taken from the Pop Century. The hotel is scheduled to open in 2012 (along with many other projects), and will offer also an all-family suites portion, for larger families.
But, take a look at these pictures, to understand how big it will look once it will be completed! BE AWARE THAT THESE PHOTOS ARE EXTREMELY LARGE IN SIZE, SO IT MAY TAKE A WHILE TO LOAD THEM ALL. THANKS FOR YOUR PATIENCE AND COOPERATION!

A look at Cheetah Hunt's construction - VIDEO

Busch Gardens Tampa has just uploaded an official construction video to show how their new roller coaster is growing! Take a look at how great Cheetah Hunt is looking like, at the moment:

Nice, huh? There are still a bit more than three months before the grand opening of the coaster, but the soft-openings could be as early as mid-May! See you soon!

The Hulk to be repainted soon!


Yes, you read it right. The Incredible Hulk coaster will be repainted soon, according to Screamscape. Universal Orlando has already contacted a well-known painting company that is specialized in theme parks.
Take a look at this exciting news, courtesy of Screamscape: ______________________________________________________________________
Don’t look now, but I’m told that Universal has signed a contract with a company to come in and finally repaint the Incredible Hulk. According to the new permit files sent my way, they have hired Baynum Painting to do it, a company well known for their ride painting at the Six Flags theme parks. They even have a special section on their website to list the over 135 roller coasters they have painted throughout the nation… though according to the list, they have never worked for Universal before.
    The paperwork was just filed with the county on Feb. 23rd, and according to the description, it will …

Fantasy Surf competition tomorrow!

A great flowboarding competition will be held TOMORROW at the new Fantasy Surf, located at the Fantasy World Resort! More news and info about the competition:  _____________________________________________________________________
Expect a big splash at the new Fantasy Surf™ at FantasyWorld Resort on Saturday, February 26th, from 2:00 – 8:30 p.m. Amateur and expert flowboarders will compete for a chance to win up to $400 in the "Winter Flow" Competition, the first flowboarding competition to be held Central Florida. The action will take place on Fantasy Surf’s Flowrider, a patented system that creates an indoor surfable wave. The fast-growing sport of flowboarding has the look of surfing and wakeboarding, ride of snowboarding, and tricks of skateboarding. Registration forms are still available at Fantasy Surf, 5151 Kyngs Heath Road in Kissimmee, located off Poinciana Boulevard between SR 535 and Hwy 192.  You can also download the forms from the Fantasy Surf Facebook pa…

Space Shuttle Discovery - Last Mission (video/photos)

Yep, as we promised two days ago, today we are posting a very, very special, out-of-the-loop update! Indeed, we went right to Cape Canaveral to see the very last launch of the space shuttle Discovery! Take a look at this video that we personally took. In the first part, you'll see all the people that gathered on the sides of the road to see the launch. At about 1:21, you'll see the space shuttle itself (of course, it's still very small to see, unless you are right inside the Space Center):

Also, here you are a couple of pictures we took, that show the huge column of smoke that the shuttle left behind and all the people that were parking on the side of the road:

NEWS: Is Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls open?

According to one of our readers that posted on our Facebook page, it looks like Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls at Islands of Adventure is open! Anyone has any more news on this?

Facts of the 2011 Epcot Flower & Garden Festival

Want to know even more about this year's Flower & Garden Festival? Here you are a new press release from The Walt Disney World resort: ___________________________________________________________________
Fun Facts Bloom Across 305 Acres of 18th Annual Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival
LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. -- Thirty million blooms, half a million plants, dozens of Disney character topiaries and 1,000 butterflies add up to a wonderful world of theme park color at the 18th annual Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival, March 2-May 15 at Walt Disney World Resort. Among this year's fun festival facts:

The Osceola County Fair - PART 1

Today we have got an unusual and very interesting update. This time, we're not going to see pictures of one of the major theme parks that visitors come to see from all over the world. No, this time, we'll get to see one park that usually comes in many major cities in the United States: The County Fair! Didn't you know that even though Orlando has more than 15 theme parks, a lot of water parks, many, many minor attractions, we do get the County fair too?
It took place for ten days, between February 11-20, 2011
It's really something different to do, and I found it much better than Old Town. The food was great too, and included, there were two shows and a petting farm! Let's take a look at the

The Osceola County Fair - PART 2

Remember that you have to see PART 1 of this PHOTO-UPDATE before viewing part 2!
Let's continue to check out the place, starting with the second ferris-wheel:

BREAKING NEWS! Trainers to go back into the water with the killer whales at SeaWorld!!

Yes, you heard it right! The trainers will be allowed to go back into the water with the killer whales at Seaworld Orlando! From the Orlando Sentinel:

SeaWorld prepares to get back in the water with its killer whales

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment is preparing to put trainers back in the water with its killer whales for the first time since a trainer was battered and drowned by the company's largest orca one year ago today.
SeaWorld told the Orlando Sentinel on Wednesday that trainers in its three U.S. marine parks will begin limited "water work" with whales within the next few months, with the interactions initially restricted to small medical pools equipped with false-bottom floors that can be lifted out of the water.
The company said it also will spend tens of millions of dollars in coming months on safety upgrades at its killer-whale facilities in Orlando, San Diego and San Antonio — from custom-designed, fast-rising pool floors in its larger show venues…

The Disney Look... to the past! (Feb. 19-25)

Hello, and welcome to this week's look at the Disney Past! Take a look at what happened years ago: ______________________________________________
This Week in Disney History: Feb. 19-25

Feb. 23, 1935 - "The Band Concert" debuts
This Silly Symphony short marked Mickey Mouse's first appearance in color, in which he led an orchestra of Disney all-stars in a rousing rendition of The William Tell Overture. Donald Duck, on hand to sell ice cream, produces a flute and attempts to lead the company into a different song. Mickey fights back by directing the orchestra into "The Storm" section of the overture, summoning an actual tornado that sweeps up the band members. Donald, despite his seemingly inexhaustible supply of replacement flutes, fails to get the last laugh. The classic cartoon provided the inspiration for Silly Symphony Swings at Disney California Adventure Park.

Dave and Buster's update (Feb. 23, 2011)

As we do every week, here yo are a construction update of the new Dave & Buster's restaurant that is being built along the I-4. Let's take a look at the work's progress:

Orlando Thrill Park news

It has been a long time since the last news we had regarding the new Orlando thrill park that is going to be built just two miles from Universal Orlando resort. Many people began to be skeptic about the project, especially after this long period of silence about the project. Yesterday though, some news hit the newspaper.
Are they good? Well, maybe yes, maybe not. They're still dealing with the noise-level factor, to please the neighbors that live near the Tangelo Park. The news, thanks to the Orlando Sentinel:

Proposed Orlando Thrill Park may be too loud, experts say
Despite scream-inducing roller coasters and forecast attendance of 2 million people a year, a thrill-ride park proposed for the north end of International Drive wouldn't snarl local traffic or exceed a specified noise level in nearby residential areas, according to experts hired by the developers.
But the noise study prepared by experts for the developers concludes that the Orlando Thrill Park would exceed that …

A quick Magic Kingdom update

After the nice news that we received yesterday about the Exposition Hall, we'll take a look at all the other things that are going on at the Magic Kingdom, shall we?
Let's start, with a look at the always great-looking Main Street Train Station:

More info on the new Exposition Hall

Here you are some additional news about the improvements that have been made inside the Exposition Hall at the Magic Kingdom! Take a look: ____________________________________________________________________

A FASTPASS to Mickey
Guests will have a new way to greet Mickey Mouse at Magic Kingdom Park later this spring with the debut of Disney's FASTPASS at the new Town Square Theater.
Disney's FASTPASS to debut at the new Town Square Theater this spring. When Mickey meet-and-greets move into a permanent new location in Town Square, Magic Kingdom guests will be able obtain a Disney's FASTPASS ticket specifying a one-hour window when they can return to see the popular character for hugs, photos and autographs - without waiting in the standby queue. It will mark the first time the complimentary, computerized service is available for a character meet-and-greet at any Disney park.
Town Square Theater is located inside the current Exposition Hall area just inside the park entr…

The Exposition Hall to use Fastpass!

A very nice and unusual news from the Magic Kingdom. Take a look at what we will be able to experience at the Exposition Hall, once the new (and enormous) meet-and-greet area in the back of the building opens: - from the Disney Parks Blog:

Mickey FASTPASS: Guests Will Be Able To Determine a Time To Meet Mickey Mouse Beginning This Spring at Magic Kingdom
How about this: For the first time at Disney Parks, you’ll have the opportunity to nail down a time for a face-to-face meeting with Mickey Mouse at the Walt Disney World Resort. Beginning this spring, we’ll be offering FASTPASS for Mickey at his new permanent home, Town Square Theater, located inside the current Exposition Hall area at the entrance of Magic Kingdom park.

Once open, it’ll be more than just a new greeting space for Mickey. Imagineers are creating new elements and surprises for Magic Kingdom park guests, including an interactive queue – with an extra touch of Disney magic. Also, during the New Fantasyland construction, roya…

"Disney's Believe" - the new show on the Disney Dream

The new Disney Dream never stops to amaze me, with all the new features, interactive elements, ever-changing restaurants, and of course, Disney-style shows!
And if there's Disney's name in the show, it's automatically a hit. The ship's new show is called    "DISNEY'S BELIEVE"
I personally think that the name is beautiful, but what about the actual show? Let's see what the Disney Parks Blog tells us about this great musical:

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at "Disney's Believe" - the New Musical Aboard the Disney Dream
What is Disney best known for? That’s right…its family entertainment, including the unrivaled Broadway-style musical productions you’ll find aboard Disney Cruise Line!
Honoring the recent addition to our fleet, the Disney Dream, I would like to tell you about “Disney’s Believe.” This original musical, created exclusively for the Disney Dream, headlines the repertoire of stage spectaculars presented in the Walt Disney Theatre.
“Disney’s …

Bands, Brew & BBQ at Busch Gardens

Let's get rolling! The Bands, Brew and BBQ event has just returned to both Busch Gardens Tampa and SeaWorld Orlando! The event includes a lot of food, as well as renowned singers! Our friends over at BGTNation have made a quick jump to check out the even at Busch Gardens. Take a look HERE, to see some photos of the event, along with some great videos!!
We will be going to SeaWorld soon to check out their version of the "festival", so stay tuned for more info and pictures! See you real soon.

Advisory - Yacht & Beach Club dock refurb (UPDATED)

Just an update regarding the upcoming refurbishment of the boat dock at the Yacht & beach Club:
Advisory ~ UPDATED 2/22/11: Yacht & Beach Club Transportation Dock Refurbishment - 2/28 - 3/24/11
MESSAGE: In an ongoing effort to enhance our facilities for your future enjoyment, we will be conducting routine maintenance at the Transportation Dock starting Monday, February 28. While this work is being completed, FriendShip boat transportation to Epcot®, Disney’s Hollywood Studios® and neighboring resorts will not be available. We anticipate the dock to reopen in mid-March. Bus transportation will be provided to Disney’s Hollywood Studios from the resort bus stop. Epcot, Disney’s BoardWalk Inn & Villas, and Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Hotels are accessible by walking. Message

As you can see, the dates have been changed since their last Advisory.

Epcot - Flowers invaded the park! (PART 1)

Welcome to another new update this week! Today, we'll look at the amazing EPCOT, where almost all the Flower & Garden topiaries have been put into place, and believe me, there's nothing comparable to these magnificent colors! Just take a look for yourself!
Let's begin as usual with a look at the entrance area (which will soon receive some TOY STORY 3 topiaries):

Epcot - Flowers invaded the park! (PART 2)

Let's continue with our new Epcot update, with more pictures of splendid flowers and more! REMEMBER TO CHECK OUT PART 1 OF THIS UPDATE BEFORE PROCEEDING!
More great flowers:

Aulani Construction - Video

The new Disney resort that is being built in Hawaii, Aulani is coming nearer to its completion! It's already looking great, and I'm sure it will be a great addition to the area! Here you are a very nice video (by Disney, of course!) that shows the work that has been done to the hotel, with a little... spin! Take a look:

They sure work fast in Hawaii, don't they? I've heard that Hawaii is one of the nicest places to visit. We would love to check it out in the future, even though we are aware that it's won't be possible because of the length of the trip, and also for the cost... Anyway, welcome to Hawaii, Disney!

Disney's Hollywood Studios update - (Feb. 20)

Hello, and welcome to a great Disney's Hollywood Studios update! Not very much has changed since our last update, but there are still some new additions that have "popped up" in these days....
Let's dive right into this new update! As usual, we start with a look at the entrance plaza:

Our Mistake

Sorry, we made a mistake with our Hollywood Studios update! It had to show up TOMORROW... Sorry for the mistake once again! See you tomorrow!!

OTPN Newsletter

Hello OTPN readers;
Today we would like to take some time to discuss one thing that we took under consideration this week. We were considering writing a very simple newsletter with all the links to our updates of that same week, along with a glimpse on what could be coming the following week.
This is still under consideration. We even decided to ask your opinion on our Facebook page, and the response was overall very positive. But, since some of our readers may not have Facebook, we decided to make a poll also on the site itself, to see how many people would actually subscribe to our eventual newsletter.
So, here's the quick poll:

Thanks for participating! Based on the number of positive/negative answers, we'll decide when to start with our newsletter (an if we have to start, of course!). Have a great one!!
Copyright: The poll published here has been created using

WDW Railroad - New Narration (Feb. 2011)

Since Mickey's Toontown Fair has been closed forever on February 12, 2011, some changes have been done on the Walt Disney World Railroad spiel. Here's what has changed (the first part has remained unchanged):

A bit depressing to see all those green walls, right? And it looks like people have quickly forgotten about that "little area" once called Mickey's Toontown Fair, as I've seen very few people asking about what was behind those walls... Anyway, great new additions are coming in Fantasyland, and we are so looking forward to them!

THE ORCHESTRA coming to EPCOT (on Feb. 25, 2011)

A special show will be available only one day at Epcot! Read more, from the Disney Parks Blog:

THE ORCHESTRA ~ Featuring Former Members of ELO, Coming to EPCOT
How’s this for a Friday night date – dinner and a show featuring The Orchestra at Epcot. It’s a possibility on one night only – February 25.
THE ORCHESTRA ~ featuring former members of ELO is going to play three shows at America Gardens Theatre that evening, at 5:15, 6:30 and 7:45 p.m. You can queue up for a seat with regular Epcot admission.

The Orchestra brings with it a heritage of symphonic rock hit-making dating to the early 1970s. Don’t know about you, but for me the original Electric Light Orchestra was one of my favorite “plays” back in the day. Certainly there were some others – like ELO, from across the pond – that convinced me all rock was not created equal; that some rock was genuinely music to my ears. (I’d mention some other performers, but I’m betting you might actually like to do the name-dropping.)
As for The Orchest…

Hard Hat Tour of Cheetah Hunt Site

Yesterday, some bloggers were invited to an hard-hat tour of the site where the new Cheetah Hunt coaster is being built. one of them was BGTNation, that has an update here.
Also, the Busch Gardens Tampa Blog has posted some pictures and info regarding the tour. Take a look; _________________________________________________
Virtual Hard Hat Tour of Cheetah Hunt Site Bloggers Get an Insider Look Behind the Construction Wall
Picture perfect weather in Tampa, and we couldn't have asked for a better day for our Hard Hat Tour of Cheetah Hunt, that we held for a select group of blogging media.

A surprisingly crowded Magic Kingdom - PART 1

Good Morning, and welcome to a new Magic kingdom update!
Today, it will surprise you to see all the crowds that have invaded the park. We know that Presidents day is coming soon, but... it's February, and it's this crowded? You'll see.

I really like this "Let the Memories Begin!" banner. It' really elegant, and at night, it's great to see all the special light effects, that cover with pixie dust the words!!:

A surprisingly crowded Magic Kingdom - PART 2


Welcome to Part 2 of this pretty surprising Magic Kingdom update!
Splash Mountain:

The Enchanted Tiki Room: Where's Willy?!

Today, while strolling through Adventureland, we took a glimpse to the infamous "Enchanted Tiki Room", which as you know, it's still under a pretty important refurbishment, in part due to the fire damage of last January, and in part because... it needed it.
Anyway, today the pre-show "doors" were completely open for everybody to see that... one of the Tiki Birds was gone! And they say that while "little birdies would fly away", "the Tiki birds are here everyday"...
Take a look (the complete Magic Kingdom update will come tomorrow morning):

Cheetah Hunt opens May 27, 2011!

As we announced yesterday on our Facebook page, it has been announced that Cheetah Hunt, Busch Gardens Tampa's new roller coaster will open on May 27, 2011. Here's the news, from Tampa Bay online: __________________________________________________

Busch Gardens Cheetah Hunt coaster to open May 27

TAMPA - Busch Gardens' new Cheetah Hunt coaster gets up and running Memorial Day weekend, along with a Cheetah Run exhibit of live cheetahs. Five trains seating 16 people each will race along the 4,429-foot track, allowing 1,200 to 1,400 riders per hour to experience one figure eight, one turn upside down and three magnetic-propulsion launches that will increase the coaster's speed to 30, 60 and 40 mph in just two seconds. Riders can expect a peak-drop of about 120 feet and several seconds of weightlessness after the third propulsion. On Thursday, Mark Rose, Busch Gardens' vice president for design and engineering, led a group of reporters and photographers on a tour of the coas…

Curios George goes to Town - PHOTOS

It has been a while since our latest general update of a Universal Orlando attraction, right? Well, since we wait for tomorrow's Magic Kingdom update, why not taking a look at one of the best Universal Studios areas... during summer? Yes, this are we're going to see can be a great way to cool off for children and parents alike.
Let's check out the area, shall we?:

Tom Staggs reveals NEXT-GEN ideas

Yesterday, an important meeting has taken place, involving Tom Staggs, that is the chairman of the Disney Parks & Resorts. He talked about some project and their timeline (like the projects at Hong Kong Disneyland) and other interesting tidbits about the Disney Parks future. This includes some interesting details of the future way of queuing - that is - the Next-Generation queuing!
Read more about this exciting project, from the Disney Parks Blog

Tom Staggs Offer Update on Disney Parks & Resorts

Today, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Chairman Tom Staggs gave an update on the growth at Parks & Resorts, how we’re leveraging technology and what’s happening to continue to transform the guest experience at Disney California Adventure, Disney Cruise Line, Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park, Hong Kong and other areas. 
Take a look at what was said (It's a long talk, so we're reporting only the part of the talk that is about next-gen project. To read the whole talk, you can dow…

Behind-the-scenes look at the Wild Africa Trek

The Disney Parks Blog has posted a very nice article that shows a bit of the behind-the-scenes of the new "Wild Africa trek" at Disney's Animal Kingdom:

Last month, Social Media Director Thomas Smith posted a video on the new Wild Africa Trek at Disney’s Animal Kingdom – and after watching this preview, I have to say I couldn’t wait to experience the trek for myself. This African safari-type adventure takes small groups of guests off the beaten path for a three-hour exploration of the park’s Pangani Forest and Harambe Wildlife Reserve. After experiencing it firsthand, I have to say the trek truly is packed with unforgettable animal encounters and unbeatable photo opportunities. While I don’t want to give away all the secrets to this experience, I do have a few highlights I can share.

Universal Orlando rumors

Today, two new rumors surfaced at Screamscape. One involves the replacement of Jimmy Neutron's Nicktoon Blast (about time!) at Universal Studios Florida with a "Despicable Me" attraction.
Here's the rumor, courtesy of Screamscape:
"While I still don’t have any more solid info on the opening of a Despicable Me attraction for 2012, I did uncover that Despicable Me 2 was in production for a 2013 release. Adding a theme park attraction for 2012 would make perfect sense to see the characters alive and in the public focus for the year ahead of the new film’s premier. After all, Universal did the same thing with Shrek 4D, by opening it a year in advance of Shrek 2 hitting the theaters, and hyping it as the official story to bridge the gap between the two films."
The second rumor reports that "The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman" may receive an expensive rehab this fall, to make it completely digital. The rumor (always according to Screamscape):


Epcot's blooming - Flower & Garden preview (PART 1)

Good morning, and welcome to a new in-the-parks update!
Today we'll take a glimpse on the work that are currently going on at Epcot in preparation for the great 2011 FLOWER & GARDEN FESTIVAL!
Let's begin with a look around the entrance:

Epcot's blooming - Flower & Garden preview (PART 2)

Let's continue our journey through these amazing flowers, shall we?:

Will trainers return in the water at SeaWorld?

This is something that has been discussed for many months. Should killer whales trainers be allowed to return into the water with them, even after Dawn's Brancheau's unfortunate accident? Many people have argued that it was only a very sad but isolated accident, and that the killer whales still need the human touch to feel loved. In addition to that, many people miss the original "Believe" show, that was much more touching when seeing how humans and orcas could be so linked together.
But, of course, the number one law for every theme park (and any other business in the Hospitality Industry) is: SAFETY FIRST. So, what will the court decide? Because there will be a hearing this week for SeaWorld. More info, thanks to the great CFNews 13: _______________________________________________________
Will SeaWorld hearing be closed to the public?
SeaWorld is battling the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) after the theme park was slapped with a reckless…