As we reported just two days ago, there is a new temporary show at islands of Adventure, that will probably last until, well... tomorrow! Indeed, this kite-show is just one of the many mini-shows that have been added to the park to distract people from the insane amount of crowds that has been seen in the parks during the last few days. Here you are a video of the full show, in HD:

It looks nice, right? After a while, it does get a bit repetitive, but I see the potential of a great water-show. What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

They had something very, very similar to this at Hard Rock Park/Freestyle Music Park in Myrtle Beach, SC before it closed. I think it's pretty cool.

Grant said...

Islands of Adventure should have a water show but just not with the kites. Like maybe a water skiing/wake boarding tricks show?

Anonymous said...

Ripsaw was on fire today D: Check out at Orlando Sentinel!

Yeah!! thanks for the news, Anonymous!! I am really, really worried!!

You're welcome! I live in Brazil, but I saw the notice in Twitter and I get worried! I thought that tell to OTPN would be a good thing!

Thanks a lot once again, Raphael!! It is a very sad news.

Anonymous said...

Around 7:34, the music sounds like the GO BIG! GO SIX FLAGS! theme. Doesn't it?

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