Here you are part 2 of this magic kingdom update!!
First of all, if you haven't checked out PART 1 of this update, please do so before viewing part 2!!
Now, let's continue our journey through a sea of people:

It was morning, so Pirates of the Caribbean only had a 20-minute wait:

New railings near the Jungle Cruise:

... that had a 20-minute wait (not bad at all, but after it became 60 minutes...):

The Adventureland Veranda was open:

It was red inside:

The Adventureland Veranda menu was pretty unusual:

Over at Tomorrowland, this was the queue for Stitch's Great Escape:

Look here:

Come on! This is an omnimover, so the queue shouldn't be that bad:

It is:

75 minutes to wait here, guys!:

Mmmm... Space Mountain's wait time doesn't look so bad... I see 20 minutes:

Sorry, it was 120 minutes!!:

A very nice shot of the incoming train (I recorded the new spiel, that I will be posting later):

Our friend Austin Ray (of was right. These ugly things will be used to project images on the castle, beginning next year:

Some Next-generation queue construction photos:

Exiting the park, after a very busy day:

What a day!:

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TO SEE PART 1, PLEASE CLICK HERE! Don't miss it, as there are many more photos to see!!

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