Yes, it's time for a new Magic Kingdom update. I will be able to post only some of the pictures now, because I will be busy later on, but here you are the highlights:

There are a couple of small news: Some are nice (nothing to be extra-happy for, but interesting) and one that is really BAD (at least for me and for who likes our.... over-the-wall pictures!
Let's begin with the good news: Mrs' Pott's Cupboard has become "Storybook Treats one month ago, and now it has finally received the new sign (I know, I've taken a lot of pictures of a SIGN. Isn't that sad? Well, I'm a theme parks lover, so....):

The menu looks like an ancient map:

Click on the following three pictures to see the (unchanged) menu of "Storybook Treats":

By night, with flash:

By night, no flash:

Then, another nice news: The water feature of the Winnie the Pooh queue is now open:

.... but unfortunately by evening it wasn't working anymore:


The trees have been put ALL OVER the place, near the walls, so that now even if you go on Dumbo, you have a VERY LIMITED view of the place... I will try once again next time, but it will be very difficult to take good photos. Sorry about the inconvenience, but don't worry. We'll discover another way to take photos...
(Maybe from the Barnstormer?). By the way, a new and complete Magic Kingdom update is coming soon!

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Anonymous said...

OHNO!! so many trees!!! they are getting sneaky with us now.

Anonymous said...

The mouse must have caught on!

Bigfoots said...

To try to help you I spend some minutes on Google Earth, where there is a great 3d reconstruction of Magic Kingdom, and i see that maybe you can try to take some picture from the astro-orbiter, but you need a long zoom!
What do you think???
Anyway I think that many Disney imaginer and manager watch your blog and this is a great news.
So if you, anonymous user, are a Disney authority please help Sam to take us informed on the works progress, maybe inviting him on a Behind the Walls Tour to make us part of this great park expansion!!1

Austin Ray said...

It is odd to me that they try to block the view here but in DCA they don't try to block anything. Or maybe thats because the Fun Wheel is so large it wouldn't be worth it.

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