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Islands of Adventure - BUSY, BUSY, BUSY! (Part 1)

In the past few days, we've post quite a few updates that show really busy theme parks, like the Magic Kingdom. But what about Islands of Adventure? With the new additions that it has been receiving, you would expect it to be very busy. The truth is that... it wasn't busy. It was AWFULLY BUSY! This doesn't mean that it was awful to stay there though, as Universal has done a magnificent job in keeping the crowds amused with a lot of temporary shows and added performances of the year-round shows.
Enough with the words! Let's see some photos, shall we?:

Islands of Adventure - BUSY, BUSY, BUSY! (Part 2)

Okay, here we are with part 2 of this huge IOA update!
IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN PART 1 FIRST, PLEASE DO SO, before seeing part 2!

Let's go BEHIND THE SCENES, and see what's inside this temporary queue:

Advisory - Busy day ahead!

Be aware that today the amount of crowds that will visit our Orlando Theme Parks will be absolutely enormous, so please, if you can, we really encourage you NOT to go there, at least for today, as the parks will be filled so much that they may reach capacity by 10 a.m. The two parks that should be especially avoided are: The magic Kingdom and Islands of Adventure. Thank you for the attention, and have a good day!

Bye, Triceratops Discovery Trail!

Sadly, today it has been the last day for the triceratops. They will go back to sleep until the next busy holiday season (hopefully).

In the meantime, here you are some pictures from today (their last day), that show part of the original queue, which has been used because of the extreme level of crowds:

SeaWorld Orlando helps Manatees to recover from the cold

As usual, SeaWorld is really caring about animals, and in these weeks, since Florida had a cold snap, SeaWorld decided to help some of the wonderful Manatees that populate Florida's waters.  From the SeaWorld Parks Blog: _______________________________________ Manatee Suffering from Cold-stress is Recovering at SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld animal care specialists were delivered a 10-foot-long, 1,000-pound male manatee by Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission late Monday evening. He was rescued from southwest Okeechobee, and is suffering from cold stress. 
SeaWorld animal experts say he’s quite lethargic. They are tubing him twice daily – first with water to keep him hydrated, and just today switched to a light gruel filled with calories to fatten him up. SeaWorld is the global leader in the rescue and rehabilitation of manatees. The park’s animal rescue team is on call 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. This year alone, SeaWorld Orlando has rescued 26 and released 16 manatees…

WDW Railroad's new spiel - VIDEO

Here you are OTPN's official  High-Definition video of the new spiel that has recently been added to the Walt Disney World Railroad, that is only temporary until mickey's Toontown will close next February:

And, if you want to compare the new spiel with the old one, just click HERE!

Advisory #1 - Kali river rapids hours adjustments

Today it will be the last "cold" morning (min. in the 40's), therefore there will be some minor adjustments to Kali River rapids' opening hour:
Based on the forecasted temperature for Thursday, Dec. 30, Kali River Rapids will open at 9 a.m. (the rest of the park will open as usual at 8 a.m.).
FASTPASS will be available at the normal FASTPASS distribution area with the first return at 9:30 a.m.

The Disney Look... to the past! (Dec.25-Jan. 7)

This week's "Look to the Disney Past" is being posted today, as it is a special edition that covers two weeks! Here you'll see that some of our beloved Epcot and Magic Kingdom attractions closed forever on these same weeks... Take a look at what happened: ______________________________
This Week in Disney History: Dec. 25 - Jan. 7, 2011

Dec. 25, 1950 - Disney airs its first television show Sponsored by Coca-Cola and airing at 4 p.m. on NBC, "One Hour in Wonderland" was the first-ever television program produced by Walt Disney. Starring as the host of a Christmas party on the Studios lot, Walt used the show as a promotional vehicle for the upcoming "Alice in Wonderland," sharing a first look at the film and introducing the voice of the title character, 12-year-old Kathryn Beaumont, who wore the dress she modeled in reference films for the animators. Also appearing was Bobby Driscoll, who later starred with Beaumont in "Peter Pan" (1953…

Advisory - Magic Kingdom has reopened to all guests

The Magic Kingdom is now once again open for all guests:

December 29, 1:25pm -- Magic Kingdom has reopened to all Guests.  There are no Phase Closings at this time.  All parks are currently at normal operation. Please continue to check the Advisories often throughout the holiday week for updates on theme park phase closing conditions.

ADVISORY! Universal Orlando closed due to capacity

We've heard that Islands of Adventure and probably also Universal Studios Florida have been temporarily closed due to capacity. Can anyone confirm Universal Studios' and IOA's statuses?

ADVISORY! Magic Kingdom at PHASE 2 closing

REMEMBER to check out the Advisory tab that you find on the sidebar, as Magic kingdom is now closed for some guests. Read more on our WDW Parks Advisory >
Also, be aware that the 8:00pm Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show has been Cancelled for today December 29, 2010 due to expected inclement weather condition.

Disney's Fantasia Gardens closing for Refurbishment

A news about the mini-golf "Fantasia Gardens" located inside Walt Disney World:

Advisory ~ Fairways Course at Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf Closing for Refurbishment starting 1/3/11
The Fairways Course at Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf will be closed for refurbishment beginning on Monday, January 3rd, 2011 thru Mid February. The Gardens Course at Fantasia Gardens will remain open for Guests enjoyment during regular operating hours as well as Winter Summerland Miniature Golf next to Blizzard Beach Water Park. 

Magic Kingdom - if this isn't crowded... (PART 1)

Yes, it's the season I don't like.... The crowded season!! Here you are a new update of the Magic Kingdom, where you'll see THOUSANDS of people, trying to make their way through the park... and it's not even December 30th!!:

Magic Kingdom - if this isn't crowded... (PART 2)

Here you are part 2 of this magic kingdom update!! First of all, if you haven't checked out PART 1 of this update, please do so before viewing part 2!! Now, let's continue our journey through a sea of people:

Putting the finishing touches to the Disney Dream

A great, new video has been posted on the Disney Parks Blog yesterday. It is about the last, small particulars that have been added to this wonderful new ship:

This is going to be one of the best cruise ships ever. Disney really knows how to do things right (well, at least most of the time...)! What's your opinion?

OOTL: Gardaland's X-Raptor track COMPLETE

Since today we're speaking about coaster construction, why not looking at what Gardaland (in Italy) is doing with its own, new B&M coaster (that's going to open around April 2011)?:

After only 60 days the track of the Italian most impressive and extreme roller coaster 
 has been completed.

Advisories for today - DECEMBER 28, 2010

Here you are some advisories today: ____________________
ADVISORY #1: Spirit of Aloha Dinner Shows Cancelled for today 12/28 Due to expected inclement weather conditions, the Disney's Spirit of Aloha dinner shows for today Tuesday, December 28,has been cancelled because the dinner show is held in an outdoor venue.
ADVISORY #2: Blizzard Beach Water Park Closed today12/28 Please be advised that Blizzard Beach Water Park will be closed today Tuesday, December 28, due to inclement weather.
ADVISORY #3: Operating Hours Adjustment: DAK Kali River Rapids Based on the forecasted temperatures for Tuesday, December 28, Kali River Rapids will open at 11:30 a.m.  Any adjustments to the closing time will be determined based on demand.  FAST PASS will be available at the normal distribution area with the first return beginning at the attraction opening time.
ADVISORY #4: Resort Guest Parking Lot Restrictions (for the Yacht & Beach Club resorts) Due to the busy holiday season, the following gue…

Cheetah Hunt update

Today, we are pleased to bring you a new, great update of the construction of Cheetah Hunt at Busch Gardens Tampa, courtesy of our friends over at! You will see that work has continued, especially near the ex-Rhino Rally water section. Here you are just a spoiler:
See many more pictures HERE! Now, what do you think "Cheetah Hunt" will open? It looks like there are still only a few months of work that are left! I can't wait to see it next year!

Advisory #3 - Spirit of Aloha shows cancelled

Advisory for Tomorrow:
Advisory ~ Spirit of Aloha Dinner Shows Cancelled for 12/28
Due to expected inclement weather conditions, the Disney's Spirit of Aloha dinner shows for tomorrow Tuesday, December 28,has been cancelled.
The dinner show is held in an outdoor venue, and when the weather becomes colder as the sun sets.

Epcot update

Good afternoon, everybody! Today we've got a new update on our all-time favorite park, EPCOT! Let's see if there's something new:

Disney bus accidentally kills a guest

A tragic accident occurred last night at the Walt Disney World resort. From CFNEWS 13: _____________________________________
Disney bus involved in deadly accident
A Disney bus filled with passengers hit and killed a guest Sunday. Florida Highway Patrol investigators said the bus hit Robert Krueger, 69, at about 6 p.m. in the parking lot of the Port Orleans Resort. Troopers said Krueger was not in a crosswalk when he stepped in front of the bus and the bus driver didn't have time to stop. Krueger was taken to Orlando Medical Center where he later died. Krueger was from Yarmouthport, Massachusetts. The crash is still under investigation, but troopers said the bus driver will likely not be charged. In a statement, the president of Disney World, Meg Crofton, said: We offer our deepest condolences to the guests’ family and loved ones. We are doing all we can for them during this difficult time.  _____________________________________
That's a very, very sad event. We join too the Walt Disn…

Advisory #2 - Kali River Rapids hours adjustments

A quick change to Kali River Rapids' opening time for today:
Advisory ~ Operating Hours Adjustment: Disney's Animal Kingdom - Kali  River Rapids
Based on the forecasted temperatures for today Monday, December 27, Kali River Rapids will open at 12:30 p.m. and will close at 7:00 p.m. Any adjustments to the closing time will be determined based on demand.  FAST PASS will be available at the normal distribution area with the first return beginning at the attraction opening time.

Advisory #1 - Resort parking restrictions

If you will be at the Walt Disney World resort at the end of December 2010, be aware of the following parking restrictions that will take place at selected Walt Disney World (R) resorts: ______________________________
Resort Guest Parking Lot Restrictions: Due to the busy season, the following guest parking lots will be restricted on the following dates: Disney’s BoardWalk Resort: Dec. 31 Disney’s Contemporary Resort: Dec. 31 Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa: Dec. 31 Disney’s Polynesian Resort: Dec. 30-31 Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club Resorts: Dec. 28- Jan. 2These parking lots will be restricted to only those staying at the resort, attending a convention event at the resort or with dining, recreation or spa reservations. ______________________________
Do you know why only those resorts have these restrictions? Because if you notice, all of them are within walking (or monorail) distance from a theme park! Indeed, many people park there to go to the parks sometimes (when the g…

Fantasyland Forest update - Attempt

Some weeks ago, we reported how difficult it is to take over-the-walls pictures of the Fantasyland Forest construction, now that Disney has decided to put new trees along the walls to block the view of the guests passing by the land. Well, a week ago we tried to take some pictures anyway, but we didn't like them, so we decided not to post them. Today, though, we thought that we could try to publish them to see what you think about them, and see if it's still possible to notice some changes:

Epcot's Via Napoli offers pizzas by the slice

It looks like Epcot is trying something new in these weeks... Indeed, they're now offering pizzas by the slice in front of Via Napoli:

Advisory #2 - Parks at normal operation

Contrary to what happened yesterday (Magic Kingdom closed between 12 p.m. and 3 p.m.), today as of 12 p.m., all parks are currently at normal operation.
December 26, 12:00pm -- No Phase Closings at this time.

Slapstick Studios (What's your problem) - VIDEO

As you may already know, The Slapstick Studios (Presented by the Velcro (R) companies), located inside INNOVENTIONS WEST at Epcot, will close forever on  FEBRUARY 5th, 2011, as we had reported on a recent news (CLICK HERE for more info).
Well, to remember it, we decided to take an HD video of the whole experience:

~ SHOW ~

At the exit of the show, there are also these kinds of sticky frogs where you can stick something on:
So, has anybody ever experienced this small, but entertaining show? It's very nice, especially if your co-host is funny, like in these videos! I also hope that something will replace it, not just another HUGE empty space... By the way, if you really liked this show, you can always suggest them to keep it open: CLICK HERE.

Advisory #1 - Blizzard Beach closed today

A quick announcement for today: __________
Blizzard Beach Water Park Closed 12/26 Due to Inclement Weather - Please be advised that Blizzard Beach Water Park will be closed on Sunday 12/26/10 due to inclement weather. __________
I can tell you, the weather today is once again very inclement, really! There are gusts of COLD wind that make you want to stay at home! (Of course, remember that we are Floridians, so temperatures below 50 are extremely cold for us). Anyway, sorry for all the visitors that have to deal with this temperature. But, don't worry, it will only last today, Monday and Tuesday.

Some new Disney Merchandise

Here you are some new things that you can find around the WDW shops:
Many more retro t-shirts have been added to the collection:

Behind-the-scenes look at the Disney Dream

A new video has been published by the Disney Parks Blog, about the new Disney Dream:

Behind-The-Scenes Video: Imagineers Adding Finishing Touches to Disney Dream
Disney Cruise Line took delivery of the Disney Dream earlier this month but work is far from over. Now that the ship is officially ours, a new phase of construction has begun. With little more than a week remaining before the ship arrives in Florida, Imagineers and crew members are working around the clock to apply the finishing touches as the ship makes her transatlantic voyage from Germany to Port Canaveral. What are they working on? Here’s a behind-the-scenes look.

The Disney Dream crosses the English Channel

A nice news for the Disney Dream! It has finally passed through the English Channel, and is now coming toward our beloved Port Canaveral! More info and pictures, from the Walt Disney (R) Company:
The Disney Dream in the English Channel
The Disney Dream began its voyage home at 1:38 a.m. Dec. 20, when it left the German port city of Bremerhaven. Despite the lateness of the hour, dozens of residents gathered at the port to bid farewell to the ship. During its two weeks in Bremerhaven, the Disney Dream had become an attraction to locals, who visited the cruise terminal in droves to take photos of the Disney ship that had taken up temporary residence there after completing sea trials in the North Sea.
Disney Dream crew members pose for a photo after the ceremony.

What do you see... when it's cold?

As you may have heard, the first two weeks of December have been awfully cold (some nights it went down to 34!!), therefore, the parks are affected in some ways. But, what do you see in these strange and unusual circumstances? Well, let's find out.... Here you are just a few pictures of two parks (IOA and Magic Kingdom) during the cold weeks:
The Seussian trees can't stand cold either... Can you blame them?:

New spiel on the WDW Railroad - All aboard!

The Walt Disney World Railroad will soon receive some minor changes (Mickey's Toontown Fair's stop will close after February 12, 2011), but in the meantime, Disney has decided to change the spiel of the train! Of course, it's very temporary, as it still mentions Mickey's Toontown Fair and the "Fantasyland work", so there will be at least two more new spiels in the future (one that doesn't mention Mickey's Toontown Fair and one that mentions the new Fantasyland train station).
Click here to see a video of the new spiel (not recorded by OTPN, our video is coming soon!!).
By the way, I can't tell you how happy we are, because we were able to record the "old" spiel for one last time!! Here's the video, that we recorded just TWO days before the new spiel was added!! I'm happy because at least it will not be forgotten. While you wait for OTPN's official video of the new spiel, here's our video of the previous one:

So, after having …

Kouzzina reopens at Boardwalk with changes

Kouzzina, Cat Cora's restaurant located inside Disney's Boardwalk resort has now reopened, with some interesting changes! Here you are some more info, along with photos, of the refurbished restaurant  (From the official Disney parks Blog):
A Makeover for Kouzzina by Cat Cora at Disney’s BoardWalk

More news from Fun Spot U.S.A.

News, news and more news from Fun Spot U.S.A.! Since they opened their new, fantastic blog, they're bringing new updates every week! Take a look at some of the new additions that will come along with the two new rides, directly from Fun Spot's official blog: __________________________________________
HUGE changes at Fun Spot
Fun Spot Action Park in Orlando has joined the electronic revolution with our new “Fun-E-Card”. Now there is one card for all your Fun Spot purchases. Phase One is for all the rides and go-karts, plus Snack Bar and Parties. Phase Two will include our arcade and online booking of parties. With this system we bring back our “Parents Ride FREE with Paying Child”. In other words, if your child has the Unlimited Armband but can not operate the ride without an adult, the adult can ride along at no charge. Some restrictions apply. This replaces our “Chaperone” Armband. That’s a $5 savings.
Fun Spot USA in Kissimmee is moving dirt as we build our new 8,000 s…

Disney's Hollywood Studios news - (PART 1)

Welcome everybody, to a brand-new Disney's Hollywood Studios update! During the morning hours the park was not as crowded as the Magic Kingdom, but after midday... boom! Millions of people came here from MK and Epcot (which were even busier). Anyway, let's see:

Disney's Hollywood Studios news - (PART 2)

Welcome to part 2 of this new, exciting Hollywood Studios update! (Remember to check out PART 1 if you didn't already do so). Let's continue. The show must go on!:

OTPN poll: Twitter or Facebook?

As you know, we at OTPN are constantly trying to offer you the best updates every day, and we are also looking for new possibilities to expand our site's functions and to share the news.
So, we have two questions that we would like to ask you, so please, answer to these two polls. It will take less than a minute to do so:

poll by

Thank you very much for participating! Your opinion really counts, as we are are considering on adding a Twitter account for our site.

More info on the newly-reopened "One Man's Dream"

As you know, the fantastic attraction-exhibit found at Disney's Hollywood Studios (Walt Disney: One Man's Dream) has recently reopened to the guests (PHOTOS HERE). Well, today we bring some more information about the attraction's history and some photos of the Imagineers working on the attraction: ______________________________
Recently, the team worked on the refresh of One Man's Dream at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Originally opened in 2001 as an 18-month attraction, One Man's Dream was quickly embraced by guests of all ages and backgrounds. For Disney-lovers, the galleries provided an extra piece of magic that couldn't be found in history books. Younger guests and those new to the Disney legacy found ample artifacts and easy-to-read plaques highlighting everything from attraction models and movie props to company milestones and achievements.

So why close something that educates hundreds of guests each day? "We are always looking to the future …

Fun Spot U.S.A. construction in progress

Many, many projects are going on in Orlando right now, and the "minor" theme parks are not excluded!! As we reported some days ago, Fun Spot U.S.A. is becoming one of the best minor attractions in the Orlando/Kissimmee area. It's clean, very family-friendly (I'm sorry to say this, but the nearby Old Town has been overshadowed by Fun Spot) and always trying to add attractions.
First, they added thousands of new L.E.D. lights on the Sky Coaster (READ MORE HERE); Then, they announced that they would build two new rides, including a coaster (READ MORE HERE);
...and now, work is starting! Here you are some construction photos, from Fun Spot's Facebook page!

Magic Kingdom update - way too many people! (Part 1)

Hello, and welcome to a new Magic Kingdom update! This time, we will see a really, really busy and uncomfortable day at the park:
The "Welcome to Magic Kingdom" sign is back in front of the park's entrance:

Magic Kingdom update - way too many people! (Part 2)

Here you are PART 2 of our new, huge MK update! To see PART 1, please go HERE. Let's continue right away:
"It's a Small World" had an "It's a Large Wait Time" (it usually has a 10-15 minutes wait):

OOTL: Aulani's "Mischievous waters"

A new entertaining feature will be one of the highlights of Disney's newest resort, the first one in Hawai'i! Read some info about the "Mischievous Waters" of Disney's Aulani Resort, from the Disney Parks Blog:

Waikolohe Stream: Journey Along ‘Mischievous Waters’ Will Be an Aulani Highlight
As work continues on Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa, Ko Olina, Hawai`i, one of my favorite aspects of the Resort – and one that will really set it apart from other island resorts – is taking shape. At the moment it’s still mostly framework, but the Waikolohe Stream, inspired by the natural landscape of the islands themselves, will provide adventure and fun for all ages when Aulani opens to guests in August 2011.

Waikolohe means “mischievous water,” and it’s a fitting name for the floating tube journey along Waikolohe Stream that will launch with an exhilarating water slide into a course that will take adventurers through an eye-catching lava outcropping (called Pu`u Kino) and t…

A view of the Disney Dream theater

A great, new post from the Disney Parks Blog shows us the fantastic theater that will be found on board the new Disney Dream!! Take a look at it:

Curtain Set to Rise on Spectacular Theaters Aboard the Disney Dream
Over the past few weeks we've given you sneak peeks at many wonderful features aboard our newest ship, the Disney Dream, which will welcome its first Disney Cruise Line guests next month in Florida. You’ve explored the beautifully-themed restaurants that will host our guests each day, you’ve taken a virtual ride on the AquaDuck water coaster, you’ve glimpsed our first premier dining experience and you’ve previewed a few of the ship’s chic lounges for adults. Let me welcome you to another magnificent venue, the Walt Disney Theatre.

Takes your breath away, doesn’t it? And that’s just the entrance! What’s even more amazing are the live shows that will take place inside every night. By the way, don’t mind the clutter in the adjacent retail shops. We’re still getting the ship ready…

Triceratops Discovery Trail is... TEMPORARY?

Screamscape has reported today an Orlando Sentinel article that gives us a pretty sad hint about Triceratops Discovery trail's future. Here's part of the article, from the Orlando Sentinel: ______________________________
Universal dusts off IOA Triceratops
For the first time in at least five years, Universal Orlando last week flipped the "on" switch at its "Triceratops Discovery Trail" in the Jurassic Park section of Islands of Adventure.

The walk-through attraction takes guests through to a triceratops paddock where they meet a life-sized, animatronic version of the three-horned dinosaur. The attraction sometimes includes a meeting with a baby triceratops, as well.

A spokesman for Universal said the attraction will be open only temporarily and that the resort is testing the experience with guests.

The move also adds a bit of extra capacity to the Islands of Adventure theme park, which is expecting enormous crowds during the Christmas-to-New-Year'…

SeaWorld's "SEA GARDEN"

As we reported in our latest SeaWorld update, a new garden has opened some months ago at SeaWorld Orlando, but unfortunately, we have not been able to take pictures of it when it first opened. But now, even if we are a bit late, here you are a complete photo-update of this new small, but amazing place:

What's coming to WDW? Jan./Feb. 2011

Here you are some of the highlights that will take place inside the Walt Disney World resort, the Disney Cruise Line and more! Take this as a recap of what has been announced in the past months:
Innovation and Technology Set Sail Jan. 26, 2011,
Aboard Disney Dream on Its Maiden Voyage

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. – When the Disney Dream sets sail on its maiden voyage on Jan. 26, 2011, guests will be able to experience cruise industry firsts in true Disney style.  Here’s a sampling of the innovative fun in store: • Disney Cruise Line debuts the first-ever shipboard water coaster, AquaDuck, a thrilling water flume with twists and turns along a 765-foot course and swing-out loop beyond the side of the ship. • Around the atrium lobby and throughout the Disney Dream, nearly two dozen pieces of Enchanted Art immerse guests in Disney storytelling in an all-new way.  What looks like traditional hanging art is actually a framed LCD screen with technology that recognizes when a guest is present and activ…

New unreleased Fantasyland artworks

Our friends over at BGTNation have shared with us two artworks of th new Fantasyland Forest that is currently being built at Magic Kingdom:

In this first artwork, we see how beautiful the area will really look. Also, notice how the name of the ride is carved into the rock. The castle looks very small, but it will surely be bigger than that.

The Disney Look... to the past! (Dec.18-24)

Hello everybody, and welcome back to OTPN! We are back from the short vacation, and ready to keep on posting updates from the parks! Here you are this week's look to the Disney Past: ______________________________ This Week in Disney History: Dec. 18-24

Dec. 21, 1960 - Walt Disney Pictures releases "Swiss Family Robinson"
Based on Johann David Wyss' adventure novel, which itself was modeled loosely after Robert Louis Stevenson's "Robinson Crusoe," a Swiss family en route to New Guinea is chased into a storm by a band of pirates. They end up shipwrecked on a tropical island with a seemingly impossible array of exotic animals, including tigers, elephants, hyenas and ostriches. The family forges a new life on "New Switzerland" using the resources around them to reinvent the modern conveniences they enjoyed at home. No getting too comfortable, though - those pirates will be back. Starring British actor John Mills, father of Hayley Mills (who starred a…

Matsuriza - VIDEO

Matsuriza is a show that is performed daily in the Japanese Pavilion at Epcot, where they only use drums, and make a very interesting, nonetheless beautiful music. Here's a short video of their performance:

The rhythm is quite nice. I like to seat sometimes and just hear them. Did you know that if you stay in one of the hotels near Epcot (Boardwalk, Yacht & Beach, Swan & Dolphin) you can actually hear them playing?? That's how powerful their music is!
And, Walt Disney World confirms this, by writing: "Using handmade drums that range in height from 6 inches to 6 feet, the drummers in Matsuriza create a unique synchronized booming rhythm that can be heard—and enjoyed—by Guests from quite a distance away."

Winnie the Pooh's new queue by night - VIDEO

Here you are a new video, uploaded by Orlando Theme Park News, that will show you a part of the new, amazing queue of "The many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh"... all by night! The queue is even nicer when the lights are on, and the atmosphere is really great! take a look:

Nice, isn't it? We will be in the parks recording more videos soon, including a complete walk-through of this new queue (during daylight) and more, as soon as the crowds will get away from here!! Have a great one, everybody, and remember to check out our YOU TUBE Channel every now and then for some great HD videos from around the theme parks and much more!

"Oh, the stories you'll hear" - VIDEO

Have you ever heard this name? It's the name of the outdoor show at Seuss Landing, Islands of Adventure! It shows some of the most beloved characters created by Doctor Seuss! During this cold weeks, the show has been moved inside the "Circus McGurkus" Restaurant, and is entertaining as always. Here's a video of it:

I think it's a nice show for children. It's short, but you get to meet-and-greet the characters at the end of it, so it looks a lot like the new "Tangled" play-and-greet" at the Magic Kingdom. Has anyone ever seen it before?

Two new rides coming to Fun Spot U.S.A. next year

This week, Fun Spot U.S.A. has been under the spotlight because of the new lights (no pun intended) that have been installed on their "Sky Coaster". Well, today we have even more news, as Fun Spot confirms that will unveil not only a new coaster (that was purchased from the old Cypress Gardens), but also a new flat ride! From their blog:
A new ride at Fun Spot USA is coming soon. Purchased at IAAPA, the amusement park trade show, Fun Spot in Kissimmee will get a new Soaring Eagle ride. The name and graphics are still being developed. You got ideas? These Eagle painted “buckets” spin from above and have “rudders” in them allowing you the rider to become the driver. You pull it in and out, up and down. Once again, at Fun Spot you can drive the ride. Look for this ride in Kissimmee by February. Remember a new building, and a roller coaster is also slated to be at Kissimmee by February-March. I can’t wait.
It's nice to see how they're trying to their best on expand…

Universal Studios update - It's cold out there!!

Yeah, it has been pretty cold this week, especially Monday and Tuesday (even though now it's once again nice and warm), and this can surely affect the theme parks too:

Changes coming to the Kennedy Space Center

The Kennedy Space Center will soon receive a very extensive refurbishment, that will include many additions: ______________________________ New Master Plan for NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex
Designs include a home for a space shuttle Orbiter
Kennedy Space Center, Fla. (December 15, 2010) – Design work has begun on a new master plan to transform NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex into a place where explorers of all ages can tour America’s spaceport to engage with the people and machines that shape the future of our world. PGAV Destinations, a global leader in the planning and design of cultural and entertainment destinations, was selected by Delaware North Companies Parks & Resorts at KSC, Inc., operators of Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, to design the ten-year master plan.

The new master plan will create excitement for guests as they discover the connection between NASA and their everyday lives. Immersive thematic zones will connect with guests …