Another update on Hollywood Studios

This week, DHS has been object of focus on our part as the "Walt Disney: One Man's Dream" attraction has reopened (see our huge update here).

Let's go on a quest to see what's new at the park since our last visit!:

The parking trams with doors have arrived at DHS too:

At the beginning, it looked like a nice evening....

Duffy is at DHS too??:

Hollywood Studios must be the park with the most street entertainment ever:

Down with that hat!:

A nice new Toy Story topiary was put in front of the entrance of "Pixar's place" to advertise Toy Story 3 that recently was made available on DVD and Blu Ray:

This street is full of lights... :

Nothing new here, as usual:

The rain was coming back:

It looks like the spaceship next to Buzz was being refurbished... I don't remember seeing it last time:

Star Tour's photo spot: is still under refurbishment:

You'll have to wait a little longer to see this:

I don't like the fact that they've cut the American Idol showtimes:

The new stars light up at night:

Work has not started yet on the proposed new meet-and-greet:

Hidden Mickey on the Great Movie Ride. Do you know where to look??:

The "Villains in Vogue" shop is rumored to be leaving soon:

Creepy theming:

The Fantasmic Dining package is really popular:

The Rock and Roller coaster was open:

But it had a 50 minutes wait:

While ToT had only a 20 minutes wait:

Some work going on the Tower (sorry for the low quality, but it was dark and rainy):

Just refreshing the facade?:

I don't know how this new sign found at the entrance of the park is considered "useful"..
You already know where you are, right?? And it looks so cheap:

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  1. Samu you write report more faster than I'm able to read it and comment it!!! ahahahah!!!
    I see that the finally there comes the rain again (like the Eurythmics's song).
    After 40 hot days i think is a good think for all the park guest and resident!!

    Great job as ever!

    p.s. If you want to take a picture in night mode, try to increase the exposition time and the Iso, but remember more iso you increase more digital rumor (the pixellation) you will get

  2. Thanks for the comment, Bigfoots! We really, really needed some rain, and we finally got it! (Now it's once again very sunny). And thanks for the info about the nighttime pictures!! :-)

  3. Why dont you like the hat. Do you know anything about the muppet whatnot workshop?