A look at the new Karamell Kuche

The Disney Parks Blog has recently uploaded a new video showing the new Karamelle Kuche, a Carmel Shop that has opened in Germany, at Epcot. Here's the video:

Nice video. Do you like Caramel? I personally like it, but I still haven't tried it because it's always too crowded.


  1. uhm... all the thing showed in this video are the happiness of dentist and gym trainer! ahahah

    Why caramel everything??? Carmel is melted sugar and I think that a huge portion of liquid sugar is the last thing to recommend to all those people that use a motorized wheel chair to move inside the Orlando Park.
    I lose 4 Kg in 15 days just walking and enjoying the the awesome city of Orlando!

    What do you think about. Don't you think this is a king a Sweet Junkfood???


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