Is recession REALLY over?

One question that everybody wants to answer: "Is the recession finally OVER?". The answer? Yes and no.
The news and authorities say that it is indeed over, and that may be true. Job opportunities are slightly, very slightly increasing, but there's so much to do before we can really say that we're back on track.
Of course, we will never be like we were the past.

But, what does this have to do with Orlando and its attractions? Well, we are not immune to this problem. True, the many additions that the parks are building year after year has helped a lot to boost our economy, but there's a place in Central Florida where one business over three has been closed!
Where is it? It's the EAST 192, where very few tourist go.

Take a look at just a few of the many shops/attractions, etc.. are closed there:



Car sellers:

Even a Checkers:

Gas stations:

This particular restaurant has been closed for more than five years!!!!:

And, unfortunately, a mini-golf:

I really hope that all these businesses will be reopened, as it is really a shame to see all these places abandoned. That is really scary. This is one of the (VERY) few times in which I miss an Italian law. If you go BANKRUPT in Italy, you go directly.... to jail! I know, it may sound a bit exaggerated, but it keeps most of the businesses open. What do you think?


  1. Ohhhh.... what sadness!!!!
    I really hope that all this commercial activity will reopen soon, but I understand that in USA there is there real market competition, not like in Italy where everything have ever the same price!
    The market competition give to the costumers the best possible experience or the costumer switch to another place.

    Anyway I understand that is hard to open an activity so all this picture makes me feel really sad!!!

    Just last clarification: in Italy (sadly) the only people that goes on jail for bankrupt are the people that don't have friend on the top of our terrible and corrupt political class.

    in Italy we have decriminalized the false in activity balance, so you can cheat as you want on you activity and top punishment is an Hand Smack!!!

    I really hope one day Italy will begin the 51th Usa State!!! ahahah!!!

    I think to hope a cause on FB for this, ahahah!!!

  2. Yes, it's really, really sad to see all these places left to rot, while they could have been used for other purposes! Little by little, some of them are being reused (the "green castle", the old "Movie Rider", etc..) but there are still A LOT of places that need attention....

  3. As sad as this seems, this is capitalism at work. It simply reflects the law of supply and demand, and clearly there wasn't even demand to keep these places open. Forcing an unprofitable business to stay open would be good for no one.

  4. True, Jason, but maybe by enforcing the law, business may take more seriously their job. I mean, all these places closing down... it's just exaggerated. I think they should be more cautious before opening new stores or something. For example, the new Flea market with the "biggest" Pizza parlor in the world that was housed in the old Dixie Stampede building close down after only one month!!! That is really stupid. They should have thought that it was way too big that place, and they should have also known that it takes months, sometimes years to get the right attention from the public.
    Returning to our discussion, there should be a law that at least cares about all the people that lose their job because of businesses closing down. That is a big problem here in Florida too, as the unemployment rate is a bit more than 10%!

  5. The stretch of 192 where most of these closed businesses are found are east of 535.Back in the day when Disney didn't have over 2 dozen hotels 192 was lined with hotels and businesses as this is where most of the people staying at Disney stayed at.As Disney started building rooms people started staying in Disney as well as the Lake Buena Vista area and International Drive,192 especially as you go east away from Disney has become a dumping ground full of shady characters and crime,hence businesses will not flourish.Even west of 535, 192 as you get closer to Disney is not what it used to be and there are only a handful of hotels that I would consider staying at.Since I come up from South Florida to go to the parks I usually get off the turnpike at 192 so I have seen how this area just gets worse every day.Even things that are being opened such as the green country bar castle just seems so weird and strange I can't imagine this place flourishing.

  6. There's nothing wrong with a business closing after 1 month. It's unfortunate for the owner, but there's always risk in opening a new business. Did you know that 90% of new businesses fail? Capitalism is all about taking calculated risks with goal of making a profit. Most will fail, but that's what competition is all about, and is why Disney and Universal and Seaworld are so much better because of each other. The same applies to businesses on 192. It's ok to be sad but this is "working as designed".


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