Fantasyland update - PART 2 -

Here you are PART 2 of this exciting update!
Let's begin with the new "Beauty and the Beast" building (the "Be Our Guest" restaurant"):

Now, this is receiving more attention:

Look at the new structure that has been erected:

From a flying elephant:

And, since rehabs are our cup of tea in these months...
The "Mad Hatter's tea Cups" have received the new roof, as we said in our last update too:

It's too pink in my opinion:

??? Only we are supposed to take pictures here! :-)

Refurb in progress:

A video of this procedure is coming soon!:

The new Tangled "play-and-greet" is coming along nicely:

New banners are on place:

And there's a new canopy being installed, which is great, as before (when there was "Storytime with Belle) it was open on top:

The installation of the "roof":


And by the evening they completed everything:

To conclude, here you are a video of the work that has been done here:

Thank you so much for reading, and please, participate with comments! Thanks!