Fantasyland update - PART 1 -

Here you are a big Fantasyland Expansion update for this week!
Let's see how the work is proceeding:

Winnie the Pooh will look wonderful once this rehab will be done:

The tree is once again completely tarp-free:

But, where's Piglet? He's gone:

The temporary entrance to Winnie the Pooh:

It doesn't look nice now, but soon... :

A look at bit of the great, new theming of the ride:

This is already a bit scratched:

Work in progress:

All the following things will soon disappear (I hope!):

The queue too will look different:

All these pages will be only history:

And now, a look at one of the flagship projects of this huge expansion: The Little Mermaid building:

Trying to see if I could spot something new:

Above the walls:

You can get a closer look of the Winnie the pooh work here:

Work is continuing every day! That's great:

Some more pictures:

Thanks for reading! Now go to PART 2 of this update and continue to read, as we have more photos, including The "Beauty and the Beast" building, the tea cups, the new Tangled meet-and-greet and more!


  1. I'm so happy to see Winny pooh trap free, but I'm so sorry to miss the liberation for just 4 days!!! Well... anyway I hope that all winny pooh will be liberated soon.
    you don't love the page of the winny pooh original book put outside the ride???

  2. To tell the truth, I will love much more the new Forest-like queue! I am 100% sure about that!


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